Sega Master System/Game Gear clone ASIC

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Somebody shrunk the guts of a Sega Master System/Game Gear down to that little blob!

Update 12/8/10
This is an ASIC after all, not an microcontroller running a software   emulator. It was developed by Freetron in Hong Kong and licenced by Atgames.

Update 22/9/09
I have it on good authority that this is not an ASIC as I had previously thought. It turns out it's a microcontroller with an ARM core runnung a GG/SMS emulator. That explains a lot of its problems! The emulator was produced by the Chinese company Atgames, the actual development being done by an American subcontracter.

I have compiled a text file on my findings about this chip. You can download it or simply view it below.


Pictures of the Coleco 20 in 1 portable.
side001.jpg - Scan of the board.
side002.jpg - Scan of the other sode of the board.
side003.jpg - Scan of the inside front plastic.
screenshot.jpg - Photo of the internal LCD screen in action.

Diagrams related to the Coleco 20 in 1 portable.
sega-rom.png - Partial pinout of ASIC. (offline pending correction)
vid-out.png - Video output circuit.

explore.z80 - Port/memory manipulator/monitor software.
explore.sms - Compiled version of the above.
coleco.sms - Complete ROM dump of the Coleco 20 in 1 portable. (4MB)
coleco_loader.bin - Coleco menu software extracted from the above dump.
dat2csv.bas - Software to strip out the data segment of the above menu software. Converts the raw data to a CSV file for easy editing. QBasic source code.
csv2dat.bas - Software to pack the data from the CSV file back into the menu software binary. QBasic source code.

Data Files
coleco.csv - File generated by the above software. Can be opened by any tabular data editor (like M$ Excel).
playpal1.csv - This data was taken from a Playpal brand plug 'n' play device (no internal screen).
playpal2.csv - More data from a Playpal.