I remember when I was five years old asking my father to play his guitar
over and over again because it made me feel good. I have fallen in love
with music in all its facets ever since. Throughout my life’s journey I
have been blessed and fortunate enough to experience immense joy from
performing and composing music.I believe that this same joy is embedded
in the recordings of my music, in the form of its attributes, which in turn are experienced as uplifting emotions.May it bring the same joy to you as it has for me


"Evri transcends the usual role of the bass with his musicianship, creativity and the sheer beauty of his playing. The vibe he creates lifts everyone around him."

James Morrison

“There’s a nobility and majesty about his playing that moves the audience and the other musicians into very deep emotional spaces.  His mastery of the six string bass and effects is unparalleled in the world.  When you have Evri in the band, it’s like you have a guitarist, a bass player and synth player all in one.”

David Jones

Evri works as one of the most in demand musicians in Australia, working not only as a bass player, but as producer, composer and educator.
He holds a degree in improvisation from the Victorian College of the Arts where he also teaches bass guitar, and is also a member of the Faculty of music at Monash Universtity. He also runs Emotion Records where he records and produces many artists' music as well as his own projects.



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