Asimov - An Exponentialist View
Bartlett - An Exponentialist View
Darwin - An Exponentialist View
Dawkins - An Exponentialist View
Drexler - An Exponentialist View
Ehrlich - An Exponentialist View
Malthus - An Exponentialist View
Sagan - The Secrets of the Universe
Savage - An Exponentialist View
Turchin - An Exponentialist View
Wallace - An Exponentialist View
Witting - An Exponentialist View  

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Famous Exponentialists

None of the exponentialists listed here were known as exponentialists (until now), but they are all famous. However, their writings either illustrate some exponentialist view, or highlight the significance of exponential growth to living creatures. Hence, I call them exponentialists.

Most exponentialists offer what I feel is an incomplete explanation of the significance of exponential growth. Often, this is because they have quite reasonably and deliberately restricted themselves. Hence, one of the purposes of examining the contributions made by these famous exponentialists is to bring them together in one place for the first time. Thus, if you feel that you are aware of a candidate exponentialist which I have not listed then please let me know who the person is and why you feel that person qualifies.

Another reason for examining the contributions of these famous exponentialists is to offer a simpler and more comprehensive mathematical approach to population modelling than they used. Most other exponentialists use a flawed generational approach to population modelling. Clearly, the exponentialist approach is indebted to Malthus, though the New Malthusian Scale, the Scales of 70 and the Scales of e are my own inventions.

Of those listed, Malthus was the first and most significant, for it was Malthus who first proposed (in 1798) that all populations tend towards exponential growth and are only restrained by the power of the checks upon them. 

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