Vermont Vt


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Visitor Submitted Frequencies


460.025-statewide police intersystems (pl 118.8)
 460.500-statewide police intersystems-unit to unit (PL 118.8)
 460.450-statewide sheriff's channel(PL118.8)
 460.225-state police-F1(troopA)(PL118.8)
 460.225-state poice-F1(unit to unit)(PL118.8)
 460.275-state police interdepartmental(PL118.8)
 460.150-state police-troop B(PL118.8)
 460.275-state police-troop C(PL118.8)
 460.100-state police(PL118.8)
 460.550-state police(PL118.8)
 460.450-county sheriff(PL118.8)
 460.525-county sheriff
 460.125-Burlington police-F-1- (dispatch
 460.500-Birlington police-F-2 (statewide unit to unit)
 460.025-Burlington police-F-3 (statewide intersystem)
 460.150-Burlington police
 155.415-Burlington police
 460.150-Charlotte town police
 460.225-Charlotte town police
 460.250-Charlott town police
 453.750-Colchester town police-f-1
 460.075-Colchester town police-f-4
 460.100-Colchester town police-f-5
 453.600-Colchester town police
 460.175-Colchester town police
 460.100-Essex Junction police-f-1
 460.150-Milton town police
 460.400-Milton town police
 453.150-Shelburn town police
 460.150-South Burlington police
 460.175-South Burlington police
 453.050-University of Vermont police
 460.500-University of Vermont police
 453.850-Williston town police
 460.225-Williston town police
 460.275-Williston town police
 460.200-Winooski police

 154.385-county fire net
 154.190-bolton fire district
 460.625-Burlington fire dept.-f-1 (dispatch)(PL162.2)
 460.600-Burlington fire dept.-f-3(fireground(PL162.2)
 72.18-Burlington fire dept.--alarm boxes
 33.78-Burlington fire dept.
 154.325-Charlotte fire dept.460.5875-Charlotte fire dept.
 465.5875-Charlotte fire dept.
 46.06-Colchester volunteer fire dept.
 46.06-Colchester fire district 2
 46.24-Colchester fire district 2
 453.4625-Colchester fire district
 458.4625-Colchester fire district
 453.525-Colchester center fire dept-dispatch
 154.335-Essex Junction fire department-f-1(dispatch
 154.220-Essex Juntion fire dept-f-2/7(tactical)
 154.130-Essex Junction fire dept.-f-3(Essex fireground)
 154.280-Essex Junction fire dept.-f-4(fierground)
 154.175-Essex Junction fire dept.-f-5(Williston fireground)
 154.385-Essex Junction fire dept.-f6 (countywide)
 155.085-Essex Junction fire dept.-f-8(fire police)
 155.025-Essex Junction fire dept.-f-9(williston fire police)
 154.335-Essex fire dept.-f-1(dispatch)
 154.229-Essex fire dept.-f-2/7(tactical)
 154.130-Essex fire dept.-f-3(fireground)
 154.280-Essex fire dept.-f-4(essex jct. fireground)
 154.175-Essex fire dept.-f-5(Williston fireground)

 154.385Essex fire dept.-f-6(countywide)
 155.085-Essex fire dept.-f-8(essex jct. fire police)
 155.025-Essex fire dept.-f-9(Williston fire police)
 154.160-Huntington fire district
 155.775-Jericho/Underhill fire dept.-dispatch/operations
 155.505-Jericho/Underhill fire dept.-fire police
 453.525-Mallett's bay fire dept.-dispatch
 154.310-Richmond fire district
 453.200-Saint Michael's college-fire rescue
 453.900-Saint Michael's college-fire rescue
 153.770-Shelburn fire district
 154.370-Shelburn fire district
 154.205-South Burlington fire dept.
 154.335-South Burlington fire dept.
 154.235-Westford fire district
 154.355-Williston fire dept.-f-1(dispatch)
 154.220-Williston fire dept.-f-2/7(tactical)
 154.130-Williston fire dept.-f-3(Essex fireground)
 154.280-Williston fire dept.-f-4(Essex jct. fireground)
 154.175-Williston fire dept.-f-5(fireground)
 154.385-Williston fire dept.-f-6(countywide)
 155.085-Williston fire dept.-f-8(Essex police)
 155.025-Williston fire dept.-f-9(fire police)

Lamoille County

Sheriff's Office  460.550. 

It is also the dispatcher freq. for the State Police in Lamoille Cty. 

and police in Hyde Park, VT


Central Vermont
Woodstock Fire Primary 158.835
Woodstock Fire CH 2 158.895
Woodstock Fireground CH4 154.400
Hartford fire dispatch 154.325
Hartford fireground 155.775
Windsor dispatch 158.745
Bellows falls Fire 154.235
Keene dispatch 154.340
Woodstock Police 460.100
Woodstock dpw 151.130
Killington fire 154.310


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