How to Wrap:



I just thought I'd write this basic description to demonstrate how straighforward borderwrap pendants are!

Firstly there are three wires which run all the way around the cab. They are purple, pink and blue, from top to bottom in the diagram. They sit beautifully and happily up against each other because you use square wire! You temporarily bind them together with thin copper wire, just so that it's easier to handle them.

Basicly these three wires are wrapped togther the whole way round the cab, except:
* Where you choose to have the prongs
*At the top where a loop for the chain (the bail) and decoration will happen.

You do this with half round wire - you see, the flat side of the half round wire sits square against the square wires, and the round part points out so that you can see it. Look at the above photo of the pendant, you can see the labled 'half-round wire' is wrapping around the 'square wire.'

These aren't full instructions, but what you do is you wrap the half-round wire carefully around the square wire. Each time you make a wrap you squeeze it with your flat-nosed pliers. Eventually you'll reach a point where you want a prong (the bits of wire that stick out to hold the cab in place). First you cut the half round wire that you just used to make the wraps, so that the cut part is not going to be seen (ie. on the other side of what's in the photo, where it will be right next to the stone). This is followed by seperating the purple wire upwards at a 90 degree angle, and the blue wire downwards at a 90 degree angle. (see diagram and arrows).
To do this:
Step one: put a ruler between the purple/pink wire or the pink/blue wire, and push it across into the wedge
Step two: After the wires are separated enough for you to get your flat-nose pliers in there, bend them up or down respectivly.


Using the width of your pliers as a guide, make another 90 degree bend, so that it now looks like this:

pic 3

Gently fold the pink wire over your pliers again, so that you've formed a 'U' shape, then squeeze this together (ie. position the jaws so that they squeeze where the blue arrows are pointing:

pic 4

Keep your pliers in the same position, down low enough tha you can bend the wire out again as follows:
(note the space between the two vertical segments of purple wire is very small, but is left here to demonstrate the shape)

pic 5

Repeat for the other side:

pic 6

Keep wrapping.
you end up with something like this:

pic 7

Of course, this is something i've *very roughly* drawn in PhotoImpact.
The exact number of wraps, spacing of prongs, etc, is determined by where you want them, and the shape/size of the stone.
This page only demonstrates how prongs are formed, and does not go into folding them over to 'hug' the stone.
For full instructins, visit the Creative Wire Jewellery Forum (at, and the instructions I used are in thread no. 3955.1 by Remy!! Thanks Remy!!

Hope if you got this far you understood/enjoyed the tutorial.
If you have any questions or comments, you can email me (Felicity) at