Saturday Morning Mens Lawn Tennis Association

"The best tennis competition in South Australia".

If you love competition tennis, and
- you love playing on lawn, and

- you live in Adelaide, and

- you are all male . . .

. . . then this is the competition for you.

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SMMLTA 2018-19
Season Finals

This is the business end of the season,
so keep your eye on the ball !!!

Well done everyone!
On a great season and congratulations to the Premiership Teams and "Players of the "Year".
Thanks again to the Club Delegates for their support and efforts throughout the season.

Premier Team pictures welcome for the
Photo Gallery (click to view).

See you all next season.

Match Program:
     - Go to the Program page and Downloads page for match details.

Combined Divisions:
 Due to fewer teams this year, we are running 3 combined divisions each with 10 teams.
     - The divisions are Doubles&Singles 4/5, Doubles-Only D1/D2 and Doubles-Only D3/D4.
     - Teams in these divisions will play each other twice during the minor rounds.
     - In the finals: - the top 4 teams play off for the higher division premiership.
                            - the next 4 teams play off for the lower division premiership.

Reminder to make sure matches start on time:
     - 8:30am - get to the venue for hit-up.
     - 8:45am - Start the match. (If you are late, no hit-up).
     - 9:00am - Forfeits can be claimed.


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