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Welcome to my homepage. I've created this website to post articles on topics that interest me. I hope you may find some of these articles interesting also. This isn't a blog, and I don't expect to be updating it too often.

To contact me, please send an email to: gdonfeedback@gmail.com

Contents of website

In their own words
What did the ancient world think about the universe, history, their gods? I provide quotes from ancient texts. I link to on-line sources where possible
Early Writings
Sources and information about early writings available on-line
Reviews of books, articles, movies, anything of interest to me.

What's new:

Date Update
Added review of Richard Carrier's 'On the Historicity of Jesus'
Added some content to the various webpages
06-Jan-2011 Updated some broken links coming from my old website
01-Jan-2011 Revised website design using Kompozer. New Year's resolution on track!

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