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Theory Review:
'Advanced Global Pygmy

by Acharya S

'Advanced Global Pygmy Civilization' by Acharya S

Reviewed by GakuseiDon, Jan 2011

I look at various writings by Acharya S, and ask: is there a connection between her belief in an advanced global Pygmy Civilization and her ideas about UFOs? 

Did Pygmies have an advanced global civilization?

Acharya S, astrotheologist and source behind much of the nonsense of the first part of the "Zeitgeist" movie, has stated throughout her works that she believed that there was an ancient global civilization that spread common religious concepts and even language throughout the world, from the Americas to Japan.

A little while ago I was being castigated by Dave "Don't question her, just read her books!" Freethinkaluva for ridiculing that belief. He told me to just read her books. The evidence was all there, apparently.

So I reread her "Christ Conspiracy". Now, "The Christ Conspiracy" is an exhilariting read, for its wild flights of imagination, naive acceptance of spurious sources and assumptions that even Erich von Daniken would be embarrassed by. And what I picked up on was that she had indeed identified the origin of at least one ancient advanced civilization: the Pygmies!

And apparently they believed in a Pygmy Christ, born of a Pygmy virgin!

Evidence for an Ancient Global Civilization

In this section I quote from Acharya S's "Christ Conspiracy". Page numbers are given following the quote so that readers can verify the questio for themselves (though page numbers may vary with different editions). Archarya S writes:

As has been seen, it is virtually impossible to determine which nation is the progenitor of western culture and, therefore, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and we are left to ponder the idea of another source, such as the Pygmies, who claim to have been a global culture many thousands of years ago. (Page 391)

Indeed, into any fair analysis must be factored an overlooked people who, if the theory of evolution is correct, must constitute one of the oldest races on the planet: the Pygmies. In reality, the Pygmies provide a key piece of the puzzle, as many of their ancient traditions are basically the same as those of the cultures that succeeded them. We have already seen that they were pre-Christian monotheists who revered the cross. (Page 288)

Acharya S then quotes Jackson, whom refers to the writings of Dr Jean-Pierre Hallet (an actual authority on Pygmies):

Hallet's Pygmy friends told him that in the distant past they developed a highly technical and advanced type of material culture and that they built boats and traveled widely around the world, but that this technical excellence brought them nothing but bad luck, so, preferring happiness to misery, they finally gave up this high material civilization. There may be a lot of truth in these traditions, for Pygmy fossils have been found in all parts of the world. (Page 388)

Finally, Acharya notes that Pygmies evidently reached "an advanced state" long ago. She quotes Walker whom claims that the pygmies' traditional stories plainly speak of a time when their ancestors lived in great cities. Acharya writes:

Thus, Pygmy remains and culture are found around the globe, including from Egypt to India... Although they may be the oldest race, the Pygmies are in fact true human beings and evidently reached an advanced state long before the "giants" existed in large numbers. The Pygmies represent an anthropological enigma, however, as they have been described as both negroid and caucasoid. Of this mysterious people, Walker relates:

... pygmies are caucasoid people: thin-lipped, light-skinned, often blue-eyed. Anthropological investigations show the pygmies were not true primitives but remants of a formerly sophisticated race, the proto-Berber people inhabiting what Hallet called "old white Africa." Pygmies have about the same stature as Egyptian mummies; the ancient Egyptians were not large people... Not only are the pygmy myths and deities derived from those of the ancient world, but their traditional stories plainly speak of the time when their ancestors lived in a high state of civilization, in great cities, with wonderful tools to use, and skills that enabled them to work miracles. (page 389)

Acharya S goes on to speculate that the Pygmies are the link "between the black and white races":

.. In the Pygmies can be found not only very ancient origins of human culture and religion but evidently a "missing link" between the black and white races as well. (Page 389)

Influence on Christianity?

Did the Pygmies influence Christianity, even if indirectly? Yes, it seems.

In fact, Pygmies have influenced myths around the world. Acharya describes similarities between the Mayan (in the Americas) and Eastern religion and language and notes a possible similarity to those of the Pygmies:

Moreover, the Mayan creator god was called "Hurakan", and the Caribbean storm god was "Hurukan," both of which are nearly identical to the Tibetan wrathful diety, "Heruka," which in turn is related to Herakcles or Hercules. It is from this stormy god that we get the word "Hurricane." Walker hypothesizes that "Horus" was "Heruka" of the East and notes that the Pygmies revered Heru, an archaic name for Horus. (Page 396)

She quotes Hallet about conversations he had with his Pygmy friends:

My Pygmy friends have an Adam story of their own... It is the story of a god, a garden paradise, a sacred tree, a noble Pygmy man, who was molded from the dust of the earth, and a wicked Pygmy woman who led him into sin... The legend tells of the ban placed by God upon a single fruit, the woman's urging, the man's reluctance, the original sin, the discovery by God, and the awful punishment he laid upon the ancient Pygmy sinners; the loss of immortality and paradies, the pangs of childbirth, and the curse of hard work." (page 388)

Acharya S also quotes Jackson, who points out that the Pygmies influenced the Horus myth as well as Christianity:

[Jackson writes that] The Pygmies believed in a father-God who was murdered, and a Virgin Mother, who gave birth to a Savior-God Son, who in turn avenged the death of this father. These later on became the Osiris, Isis and Horus of Egypt. The Pygmy Christ was born of a virgin, died for the salvation of his people, arose from the dead, and finally ascended to heaven. Certainly this looks like Christianity before Christ. (page 388)

Who are the "sky people"?

It crossed my mind that some of the things thatAcharya S writes about the ancient advanced Pygmies matches details of her "Sky People"/aliens. As Acharya S writes below, while some of the "sky people" may have been aliens, other legends say that they were part of the "advanced global civilization". From what I've read in "The Christ Conspiracy", the Pygmies are obvious candidates.

All quotes below are from her webpage on Zecharia Sitchin's "ancient astronaut" theory.

In the following quote Acharya S distinguishes between the "sky people" (who may have been aliens), and the ancient gods (whom she believes were "solar heroes" based on astrotheological myths):

In any serious investigation of this subject, we must be able to discern between the "gods" and the "sky people" mentioned by the ancients. As noted, the enlightened ancients knew the "gods" were the planets, representing astrotheology. The sky people were a different matter apparently. Some of them may have been "aliens" in the off world sense, but other legends hold that at least some of these sky people were the remnants of one of the advanced global civilizations destroyed by cataclysm. The legends further say that such advanced people appeared around the world to reestablish civilization after the various cataclysms.

One thing she does write in her article which is absolutely true:

In a serious scientific search, one needs to be more cautious in jumping to conclusions based on speculation, and to produce a recital of facts, with as little speculation as possible.

Acharya S applies this skeptical approach when examining whether the ancient gods were aliens (which is Sitchin's view), and concludes that they were not:

... to suggest that all these solar heroes such as Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, Horus and Jesus, with their virtually identical "lives," were aliens, is just a bit absurd, since it supposes that they all were born of virgins, had tyrants trying to kill them at their birth, were presented with the same gifts, did and said the same things and then were all crucified. In shoring up such a premise, we are asked to believe that "superior" aliens kept "coming down" and kindly obliging the barbaric humans, who kept insisting upon crucifying them (between two thieves, no less).

Plan Myth 9 from outer space?

Acharya continues her theme in her webpage on aliens, and how the government is manipulating the masses:

"Sky people" were purportedly recorded as having brought advanced culture to the hominids who live on this planet. According to these legends, supposedly, this "first contact" had occurred previously, following cataclysm... ... it is obvious from the legends that at least some of the "spacecraft" were of the probable previous earthly civilization, the "vimanas" and "flying machines" of lore. Other legends say that when the chaos descended these manmade "spacecraft" transported a number of inhabitants to elsewhere, which is speculated to be the moon, Mars, Venus or other destination, including inside the earth or under the sea. In inspecting these legends of "sky people," then, it would be most prudent to assume that, if they are true and not mythical, most if not all of these high-fliers were humans who had developed the capacity to fly.

In a Jan 2011 blog entry, Acharya S refers to hidden groups manipulating beliefs in UFOs. She writes:

Now that it's the New Year of 2011, time to start looking towards 2012, which is widely touted as a year that will bring about great changes. The nature of those changes is debatable, as some claim 2012 will signal the "end of the world," while Maya elders say that's not what it means at all. And here comes my friend Dr. Carol Rosin to discuss how the powers that be will allegedly be springing an "alien" trap on the world in the coming years. Carol's successfully predicted a number of previous events based on her insider experiences with government officials globally. Fascinating stuff, indeed!

She notes again her belief in a UFO phenomenon, but she doesn't endorse "the notion that there are alien beings or extraterrestrials of any kind on Earth". However, she re-affirms in that blog entry her belief in the likelihood of the government is involved in a cover up. She writes:

And to those who may object to the notion of "the government" being involved in anything like this, does not the fact that a Nazi scientist was given a high post at NASA as part of a secret government operation raise an eyebrow in the first place?

Into the future!

On her "Mysteries of the World" webpage, Acharya makes a strange connection between "little people" and "aliens". One of the listed mysteries was:

  • Mummified remains of little people or "aliens" are reported to be found in caves or in Tibetan monasteries.

Which "aliens" are like little people?

Putting it together: She believes that the Pygmies are the 'missing link' between Caucasian and Black races; they are "one of the oldest races on the planet" who "evidently reached an advanced state" long before; they had an advanced global civilization thousands of years ago; they are "thin-lipped" and "light-skinned"; their mummified remains are reminiscent of "aliens".

Could it not be that she thinks that the Pygmies have in fact evolved into... the 'aliens' commonly called "Greys"?

Advanced Pygmy

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