Drunken Gunmen
Deep Space, Distant Future! 


Critical Information:


Band Name: Drunken Gunmen

Release: Deep Space, Distant Future

Members: Gek Snikkel, Epnymous Bosch

Location: Southern Sydney, NSW

Genre: Space Rock/Electronica


Previous releases:

  • Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (2002)

  • Various MP3 singles



"Drunken Gunmen" continue to be one of the most influential acts on the planet. From their early prog-rock recordings, such as "Hyperbolic Spheres of Pain" and "Inevitable Mass" through to the white noise of "Fractal Parsecs", the "Gunmen" have astounded and disturbed.

Legendary producer Martin St James still recalls the "Fractal" sessions, which consisted of hours of binary code rendered on a melodica. "Phil [Glass] resigned from the project, citing 'artistic differences'. Fact was, he couldn't keep rhythm or play a freaking note."

The same year, Kenny Loggins was rendered limbless by a pipe-bomb as he left his Hollywood home to audition for the "Gunmen". Similarly, both Alan Parsons and Todd Rundgren died in bizarre food processor accidents shortly after sending their resumes to "Gunmen" management.

Some speak of the "Gunmen" curse. However video evidence has proven it was a stray smoke-bomb during the traditional pyro-technic finale of "Hey Buddha" which caused the ultimate tragedy of their 1993 Waco concert for the fine troops of the A,T & F. Current manager Charlton Heston bluntly puts it : "Don't freak with my boys".

So the "Gunmen" continue to push back the envelope of art and misery. Recent live shows have been played entirely with the use of prosthetic limbs. Recording studios have been shunned, preferring instead to work with diesel generators in abandoned asbestos mines. Says original Gunman GEK : "Hate Is Art".