circle of willis
Goitre Hell!  


Critical Information:

Band Name: circle of willis

Release: Goitre Hell! 7 track EP

Members: MC Squared, Prince Bushdakta, Eponymous Bosch, Dame Ginger Tomkins

Location: Southern Sydney, NSW

Genre: Neo-kraut-electro-dance-rock

Previous releases:

        The Manual of Internal Fixation (2002)

        Fractures in the Elderly (2001)

        Rectal Intrusion, Cumquat Man (1999)



The strength of this CD is its introspective bluster.

The lyrics are darker and more introverted than on earlier releases. How many bands have reinvented themselves as successfully as circle of willis? The masters of bluesy bravado are back. The same obsessions -- World War II and mental illness -- are here in spades.

"Nerdlinger #137" won't win any Grammies this year. A Bar Mitzvah-like smorgasboard of sounds is offered up here, from the hushed "Testament of a High-handed Byzantine" to the Springsteenian pop sensibility of "Get It Up Ya."

On its latest excursion into neo-obscurity, circle of willis demonstrates an affinity for muscular guitar work. I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of Brian Eno.