Geoffrey Berry



Geoffrey Berry is a biostatistician and has practised in research and academia since 1961.

His first position (1961-66) was at the National Vegetable Research Station at Wellesbourne in England. He then worked at the UK Medical Research Council's Pneumoconiosis Unit at Penarth, South Wales from 1966 to 1982, before moving to the University of Sydney as Associate Professor in Biostatistics. He became Professor in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the Department of Public Health in 1988. He is now retired from this position, but remains active in research and consultancy, and is an Emeritus Professor in the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney.

He served as Head of Department for seven years, and was postgraduate coordinator in the Faculty of Medicine for 5 years and Chair of the University's PhD Award Sub-Committee for 4 years.

His main teaching was of biostatistics units in the Master of Public Health and other associated coursework masters degrees, and he developed the units Introductory Biostatistics, Multiple Regression and Statistical Computing, and Categorical Data Analysis. These units, after much improvement by colleagues, remain the backbone of biostatistical teaching in the various masters programs.

Over his twenty year period at Sydney University he supervised postgraduate students in the treatise component of The Master of Public Health (MPH) by coursework and treatise (36), and in the research degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, 10), MPH (7), Master of Medicine (MMed, 1) and Master in Occupational Health and Safety (MOHS, 1).

His research interests are in the health effects of asbestos.

He is one of the coauthors of Statistical Methods in Medical Research, a book now in its fourth edition and which has been translated into Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

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