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Gideon Polya & Elephants - larger than life, gregarious & they NEVER FORGET
Gideon Polya & Elephants - larger than life, gregarious & they NEVER FORGET


Gideon Polya

Gideon Polya was born in Melbourne (1944), was raised in Hobart, Tasmania (1946-1966) and graduated BSc (Hons) from the University of Tasmania (1966), PhD from the Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide (1969) and Certificate of Higher Education Teaching from La Trobe University, Melbourne (2003). He is married with 3 children and a grandson.

In a 4 decade academic scientific career Gideon Polya published some 130 works including the huge pharmacological reference text Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds. A pharmacological reference guide to sites of action and biological effects (Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, London & New York, 2003) (see GALLERY for further details). For ready access to some of his scientific journal publications search Google Advanced Scholar for GM Polya (see LINKS).

Gideon Polya has written, lectured and broadcast on academic free speech, academic ethos, Australian universities and censorship, self-censorship and holocaust denial in open societies. He also published Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in global sustainability (Polya, Melbourne, 1998) (see GALLERY). For further writings on Jane Austen, the World War 2 Bengal Famine, the selective deletion of mass mortality from historiography (holocaust denial), biological sustainability, global warming, Science and Government, effective free speech, censorship, self-censorship, democratic tyranny, civil rights abuse, human rights abuse, anti-terror abuses, UK-US state terrorism, non-state terrorism and related matters (see GALLERY), search Google (see LINKS).

Gideon Polya retired from a senior academic post in 2003 and is currently writing a book on avoidable global mortality. He has written extensively on this and related subjects including: an interim peace plan for the Holy Land - peace is the only way; non-reportage of and media apathy to horrendous Iraq civilian deaths; the cost of democratic imperialism; the 0.5 billion Muslim Holocaust; US profits from jihadist terrorism; democratic imperialism and democratic Nazism; US-UK passive genocide in Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories; holocaust denial; global excess mortality (avoidable mortality) and under-5 infant mortality; war and 0.9 billion infant deaths; Third World militarization, debt, economic exclusion; First World racism, holocaust denial & complicity in Third World avoidable mass mortality; unscientific religious dogma, environment, global avoidable mortality, global warming, sustainability, avoidable mass mortality, global maternal & infant mortality & HIV/AIDS; White Australia Policy; Australian complicity in war crimes; media lying by omission; media non-reporting & lying by commission and omission; national pathological narcissism; First World racism & First World passive genocide in the Third World; Coalition war crimes in Iraq - IRAQ BODY COUNT 1.0 million avoidable post-invasion Iraq civilian deaths (March 2007), ICC complaint lodged; White Australia - racism, genocide, ecocide, terracide, mass infanticide, imprisonment without trial; long-term imprisonment of innocent non-European children; media non-reportage & holocaust denial; silence kills, silence is complicity; US complicity in 9/11; media complicity in post-9/11 spin, distortion, lying, hysteria, human rights abuse & war-mongering; UK-US war on muslim women and children; the human cost of war, colonialism, US empire; Orwellian and Kafkaesque abuses in ostenisbly free and democratic societies;
democratic tyranny, civil rights abuse, human rights abuse, anti-terror abuses, UK-US state terrorism, non-state terrorism and related matters.

Most of his numerous articles at a science/society interface (primarily dealing with entrenched media lying by omission, lying by commission, holocaust denial, and spin-based untruth in free, open societies and, in particular, non-reportage of First World-caused avoidable global mass mortality) (see GALLERY) can be readily accessed by a simple Google search for Gideon Polya (see LINKS).

MASSIVE GLOBAL PROBLEMS such as militarism, poverty, avoidable mortality and biological sustainability urgently require sensible, SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS based on truth, reason, free speech and the immensely successful scientific method involving the testing of potentially falsifiable hypotheses.

Unfortunately we have the extraordinary paradox that ostensibly free and open societies that are science- and technology-based (notably Continental, American and Australasian European societies as well as Asian, Pacific and South American democracies) have public life and media that are dominated by untruth, unreason and effective censorship over key issues such as horrendous global avoidable mortality, poverty, sustainability, militarism and domination of democracy by the un-elected Big Money corporate oligarchs (involving Big Money-backed opposing major parties that are increasingly indistinguishable and the necessary Myth of Democracy promulgated by Big Money Media).

Democracies are being perverted by mainstream media lying by omission and commission (notably over horrendous global avoidable mortality and other consequences of First World militarism and hegemony). Media lying is compounded by SLYING (spin-based untruth or unsubstantiated assertions) whence sliars slying by tellling slies e.g. the pre-invasion UK-US assertions of Iraqi WMD, Al Qaeda links and imminent threat to the world known to be false or lacking hard evidence at the time. A related, gentler but nevertheless insidious dishonesty is blying (blather-based untruth or unsubstantiated assertion), whence bliars blying by telling blies.

EXAMPLE - mainstream media in general will simply NOT report the latest UNICEF (2005) estimates of under-5 infant mortality in Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan (see: in 2005 the under-5 infant mortality was 122,000 in Iraq and 370,000 in Afghanistan as compared to about 2,000 in the invading and occupying country Australia (noting that these countries in 2005 have populations of about 27, 26 and 20 million, respectively).

THE RULER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RULED. However the latest UN demographic data show that grossly insufficient provision of life-preserving requisites by the Occupying Coalition has been associated with a post-invasion under-5 infant mortality of about 0.5 million in Iraq and 1.9 million in Afghanistan - 2.4 million in total, 0.5 million per year and about 1,300 under 5 year old infant deaths EVERY DAY (March 2007).

Anglo-American and Australian mainstream media knowingly and resolutely IGNORE this horrendous PASSIVE GENOCIDE that violates the UN Charter, Geneva Conventions & international law - for details see Orwellian Anglo-American War on Muslim Women and Children in News Central Asia & World Tribunal on Iraq commentary (see LINKS).

Holocaust denial is utterly repugnant - whether it is denial of the World War 2 Jewish Holocaust (6 million victims), the horrendous but forgotten man-made Bengal Famine in World War 2 British-ruled India (4 million Hindu and Muslim victims), continuing First World-complicit avoidable mass mortality in the substantially Muslim non-European World (total post-1950 avoidable mortality now 1.2 billion including a Muslim Holocaust of 0.6 billion), or the human cost of Israel, US empire, US wars, neocolonialism, UK-US democratic imperialism (democratic Nazism), UK-US war crimes.

Respect for women and children is a fundamental norm of decent human societies. In the face of horrendous man-made mass mortality, decent people are obliged to INFORM EVERYONE and to ACT ETHICALLY in their investment, business and social dealings with complicit people and countries.




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