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The collection of hamlets which constitute Troutbeck, are situated on the west side of the Troutbeck Valley, strung out along a narrow undulating road leading up to the Kirkstone Pass.There is no real focus for Troutbeck, as the cluster of hamets which formed it, were originally formed around a series of small wells.
Troutbeck has been designated a conservation area since it contains a number of buildings dating from the 16th to the 19th century that still retain original features.
Brief History of the founding of the Storey Family at Troutbeck, Westmorland, England

Between the years 1650 and 1670, Richard Story and his wife Elizabeth, settled in Troutbeck. In the local records of the time he becomes described as a Yeoman of Browhead in Applethwaite,of Crosses and of St Catherine Brow,
One of his children, John Story, married Agnes Atkinson, the daughter of Thomas Atkinson(Yeoman), of Long Green Head in the parish of Applethwaite, and his wife Thomasin. On the death of Thomas Atkinson in 1694, Long Green Head passed to his daughter Agnes. On her death in 1695, Long Green Head passed to John Story.
John Story later married Agnes Browne on 4th May 1697. It is from this couple, that the later generations of Storey, at Troutbeck, descend.

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