Somerset House) 1858-????

1858 Storey Jane(Administration) under 50 pounds

19 Jan 1858

Administration of Jane Storey of Sedgefield County Duram (Widow) died 18 May 1857. Granted to Oswald Storey Marshall of Sedgefield (blacksmith) grandson and only next of kin
1858 Story Mary(Administration) under 100 pounds

09 Aug 1858

Administration of Mary Story of Tuxford in the County of Nottingham, spinster d. 12 February 1853 Worksop. Granted to father John Story of Worksop, currier
1858 Storey Edward (Will) under 100 pounds

07 Sep 1858

The will of Edward Storey late of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster, Licenced Victualler deceased who died 22 July 1858 at Rampside in the said county was proved at Liverpool by the oath of Sarah Storey of 64 Henry Street Liverpool aforesaid widow of the Relict and the sole Executix
1858 Storey John (Will) under 100 pounds

22 Mar 1858

The will of John Storey of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Shipkeeper deceased who died 10 March 1858 at Liverpool aforesaid was proved at Liverpool by the oath of Elisha Wilcockson of Upper Frederick Street Liverpool aforesaid Tide waiter, and Ellen Storey of 12 Moorfields Liverpool aforesaid widow of the executor.
 1858 Storey John (Will) under 200 pounds

 26 Jul 1858

The will of John Storey of Whitby County York shipcarpenter died Whitby 15 June 1858 Ann Storey of Whitby widow and sole Executix
 1858 Storey James (Will) under 450 pounds

04 Oct 1858

The will of James Storey of Castle Bolton, Parish of Wensley, Couny York, stonemason, died 2 September 1858 at Castle Bolton . John Storey of Castle Bolton, Stonemason and nephew sole Executor
 1858 Storey John (Will) under 100 pounds

 22 Dec 1858

The will John Storey of Sheffield County York, yeoman died 27 June 1855 Elizabeth Beaumont of Epwoth sister
 1858 Storey Margaret (Will) under 200 pounds

14 Apr 1858

The will of Margaret Storey late of Castle-Crescent, Kendal, Westmorland , spinster , died 23 March 1858. Proved Carlisle by John Gandy of Oakland, Parish Windermere
 1858 Storey Thomas(Will) under pounds 100 pounds

30 Jun 1858 

The will of Thomas Storey of Wark in Northumberland Gentleman died 4 March 1858 at Wark widow Margaret Storey
 1858 Storey William(Will) under 200 pounds

 13 Nov 1858

The will of William Storey of South Leverton County Nottingham died 14 October 1858-George Storey(brother) of South Leverton cottage
 1859 Storey Ann(will) under 1500 pounds

 14 Jul 1859

The will of Ann Storey of Elylaw Parish Alwinton, Northumberland widow died 26 June 1858 Edward Augustine Storer of Alnwick bank agent and John Pathson the younger of Crosshill, Ag. student executors
 1859 Storey Charles(Will) under 450 pounds

 19 Aug 1858

The will of Charles Storey of Stratton St Mary? County Norfolk died 14 June 1859. William Storey plumber son of Norwick and Charles Emerson of Stratton St Mary? inkeeper(executors)
 1859 Storey James(Will) under 3000 pounds resworn stamp office 1861 under 4000 pounds

24 Nov 1859 

The will of James Storey of Esher, Surry, innkeeper died 27 September 1859. Proved by Edwin Scobie, tailor and Phillip Jones of Kingston-upon-Thames,wine and spirit merchant
 1859 Storey Thomas(Will) under 400 pounds

 15 Nov 1859

The will of Thomas Storey of St Helens Muchland County Durham proved by William Shanks of Bishop Auckland,county spirit merchant and Joseph Stephenson of Darlington
 1859 Storey William(Will) under 600 pounds

24 May 1859

The will of William Storey of Tyers-Hill, Parish Darfield, County York, farmer died 18 April 1859 Eliza Storey widow
 1859 Storey William(Will) under 450 pounds

 17 Jun 1859

The will of William Storey of 26 Park st Parish of St Duncan, Stepney, Middlesex master of merchant ship "City of Carlisle" died 30 Jule 1858 at sea Jane Storey 32 St Peters, Stepney widow
 1859 Storey John(Administration) under 100 pounds

18 Jan 1859 

Administration of John Storey of 2 Bedford Lane Nth Shields Northumberland, master mariner died 29 Oct 1858 at sea Catherine Storey widow
 1859 Storey William(Administration) under 300 pounds

09 Jun 1859 

Administration of William Storey of Gibson street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, innkeeper died 22 August 1854 granted with limitates to Isabella Storey of Warkworth  widow Former grant 1855
1860 Storey Elizabeth(Will) under 100 pounds

 12 Dec 1860

The will of Elizabeth Storey of Offord Cluney Count Huntington Widow died 16 November 1860 Thomas Storey lab sole surviving Executor
 1860 Storey Frances(Will) under 200 pounds

15 Sep 1860 

The will of Frances Storey of Bloxton, Linconshire, widow died 1 August 1860 proved by Elizabeth Watson(wife of Richard Watson of Hackington) and John Houghton of Skegness,labourer and Nephew
1860 Storey Ralph Esq(Will) under 16000 pounds

18 Jan 1860

The will of Raplh Storey of Beanly in parish Egglington Northhumberland died 20 November 1859 proved by John Moffat farmer and Ralph Storey Moffat farmer, Nephews
1860 Storey Thomas Andrew(Will) under 2000 pounds


The will of Thomas Andrew Storey of East Dulwich, Surrey and of King william Street London Glass and China warehouseman died 13 January 1860 at E. Dulwich Andrew Storey of Featherstone-Buildings Holborn, Middlesex Solicitor and Charles Rackham Gilman of Norwich Solicitor were Executors
 1860 Storey William John Clayton Esq(Will) under 7000 pounds

 03 Jul 1860

The will of  William John Clayton Storey of St Johns Wood Middlesex died 5 June 1860 Marlborough Place. James Payne Storey Esq of 12 Marlborough Place brother
 1860 Storey Celia(Administration) under 20 pounds

 12 Nov 1860

Administration of Celia Storey of Aylmerton Norfolk, spinster died 28 October 1860. William Robert Storey of 80 cow-cross st Smithfield Middlesex, Artist's brush maker(brother) 
 1860 Storey William(Administration) under ? pounds

 01 Jun 1860

Administration of William Storey of Grassington parish Linton-in-Craven County York, farmer, bachelor died 26 January 1860. Jane Storey of Grassington spinster,sister
1861 Storey George(Will) under 2000 pounds

05 Jan 1861

The will of George Storey of Ogle Castle Northhumberland farmer died 15 August 1860. Proved by John Douglas of Amble, farmer, John Athey of High House near Morpeth, farmer, Robert Lamb of Broadlaw near Whalton, farmer
1861 Storey Joseph(Will) under 100 pounds

 14 Jun 1861

The will of Joseph Storey of Fulbeck County Lincoln, labourer died 17 April 1861. Rebbecca Storey widow
1861 Storey Walter(Will) under 2000 pounds

28 Mar 1861 

The will of Walter Storey of 28 Dower St. Chorlton-upon-Medlock, City of Manchester, Gentleman died 23 January 1861. John Storey of West Garten Lancashire, soap manufacturer and George Storey of 28 Dower St, warehouseman (sons)
1861 Storey Charles Robert Esq(Administration) under 800 pounds

21 Aug 1861 

Administration of Charles Robert Storey of Uxbridge Died 19 July 1861. Captain in Army. Widow Harriet Philip Storey of York Villas Waterloo road Uxbridge
1861 Storey Dorothy(Administration) under 2000 pounds

02 Nov 1861 

Administration of Dorothy Storey of 1 Jesmond Terrace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne spinster died 6 april 1861. To Ann Burnup,sister(widow)
1861 Storey Mary(Administration) under ?

30 Mar 1861

Administration of Mary Storey of Enbourne Lodge, Newbury, Berkshire, spinster William Storey of Old Quarrington, County Durham, farmer, brother
1862 Storey George(Will) under 4000 pounds

11 Jan 1862 

The will of George Storey of Halifax, County York, currier. Died 1 January 1862. Widow Margaret Storey
1862 Storey George Willey(Will) under 300 pounds

05 Feb 1862 

The will of George Willey Storey of 3 Brabant Court, Philpot Lane, London. Died 7 January 1862
1862 Storey Shum-) Henry Esq(Will) under 16000 pounds

22 Jan 1862 

The will of Henry Shum-Storey of Arcot Northhumberland. Died 19 October 1861. Emma, widow.
1862 Storey Jane(Will?) under 100 pound

02 May 1862 

The will? of Jane (formerly Reynoldson) Storey of Preston but late of Reeth both County York. Died 1 December 1861. George Carter Reynoldson(son) Elizabeth Carter Storey(spinster), daughter.
1862 Storey John(Will) under ?

02 Oct 1862 

The will of John Storey of "Bear" Inn, Esher, Surrey, Innkeeper. Died 13 August 1862. Widow Elizabeth Storey
1862 Storey Johnathon Sweeting(Will) under 20 pound

22 Aug 1882 

The will of Johnathon Sweeting Storey of Stokesley, County York but late of Hartlepool, Durham, yeoman. Died 22 November 1861. Frederick Storey of Hartlepool, Grocer(son)
1862 Storey Margaret(Will) under 200 pounds

26 May 1862

The will of Margaret Storey of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, late of Shincliffe. Durham, Widow. Died 28 December 1853
1862 Storey William(Will) under 4000 pounds

06 Aug 1862

The will of William Storey, Woollen Draper. Died 22 July 1862. Ann Storey, widow, and Samuel Storey of Bradford, both of County Durham, Couny Stuff Merchant




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