11-Ready to depart at Albury 02-10-04
12-Afterr second nigt 04-10-04
13-Typical camping on solid ground 05-10-04
14-Michael coming first week along 06-10-04
15-Resuming after two weeks, at Mullaway lake 24-10-04
16-Ron making minor repair 25-10-04
21-Other travelers on the river 26-10-04
22-Our floating overnight acomodation 27-10-04
23-Typical river acomodation 29-10-04
24-River banks getting populated 30-10-04
25-Lots of fishermen on the way 31-10-04
26-Beutiful sunsets 01-11-04
31-Making good progress 02-11-04
32-Many beutiful sunrises 04-11-04
33-Surviving the few rainy days 05-11-04
34-Some of the native creatures 08-11-04JPG
35-Lots of pelicans on the river 09-11-04
36-Record of the progres 12-11-04
41-Inside the lock 16-11-04
42-Many friendly onlookers17-11-04
43-Ron keeps snapping fotos18-11-04
44-People are friendly and hospitable19-11-04
45-Another native creature 20-11-04
46-Windy morning 21-11-04
51-Bridge construction 22-11-04
52-Perfect mirror image 24-11-04
53-More houseboat people 25-11-04
54-Ssettlement on the bank 27-11-04
55-Others also like to keep close to the water 28-11-04
56-More natives along the way 29-11-04
61-Trees hanging on for thier life 30-11-04
62-River is getting more populated 02-12-04
63-Most live here in luxury 03-12-04
64-Watch out for large paddle steamers 04-12-04
65-Last stop 07-12-04
66-Unpacking at the end of the journey 08-12-04