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This part of the site is a textual family history, it is the meat of family history research. Whilst I am sure many may disagree, creating a simple listing of ones ancestor is only part of the achievement. It really interesting stuff is finding out as much as you can about your ancestors.

In this section of the site, you will find segments of my family tree, but the key focus is on the detail history or biographies of certain family members. For ease of navigation I have group these biographies by family names. All the family histories start with the earliest known ancestor. Where appropriate, I have included old photos and images of documents, properties or places.

If in searching this section you find an individual or relative on whom you have biographical information or pictures, or you identify a gap that you can provide more information on, please let me know.

I have also provided an Index of Names - which provides quick links to any individual with a written history.


In addition to these ancestoral histories, a number of individuals within my family warrant have a more ancestoral overview than a biography, again, these are included and linked where appropriate.

  Isabella TODD - Descendent of the Ancient Kings of Scotland & John Knox   John KNOX - the Reformer
  Rev John WELSH of Ayr   John WITHERSPOON - the Signer
  Robert and Murdoch STEWART - Dukes of Albany      

To see my full family tree or to access any of my 'one name' style studies, check out the Family Tree section of the site.



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