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My Gencircles file is updated daily




This section of the site contains links to my family tree. Certain people in my family trees have detailed histories or biographies in the family history section, where appropriate, I have linked to those histories.

  My Family Tree - navigate thru my family tree, starting with me.
  Surname Index - This index contains alphabetised links to a complete list of all the surnames in my family tree
  Other family studies - I have loaded a number of other one name studies onto GenCircles.

My family tree is hosted on GenCircles. Gencircles is a fantastic service. There is built in security to protect the information on people still living. You can upload a GEDCOM file and for each entry on tree the system will display the following information:



  Nicknames or Aliases
  Cause of Death
  Immigration Information - if relevant

What I really like about it is that browsing is free (but a higher quality is available if you pay), it integrated to Family Tree Legends and they DON'T sell your email address. There is also a great 'SmartMatch' facility which matches records in your file with the same person in other peoples files... a fantastic way to find unknown relatives.

To document my family tree I have used Family Tree Legends. This is a quite useful product, fully integrated to Gencirlces for online publishing. Navigation between families can be difficult at times, but generally it is a very elegant system. It has limited reports, but an excellent 'book' function. I now have over 9000 records in the system, and performance continues to be stable.


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