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Whats New
So whats new...
well the whole site has only been available since January 7 2004, but since then, check out:

§ Information on Heraldry & Arms
§ New surname historys - Yates & Kitcing
§ New Family histories - Shoobridge, Jessop, Kitching




Welcome to my family history site.

Whilst this site is called the Hardies of Scotland, that is not the only focus, its simply my paternal line, but it is probably the most complete family line on the site.

The site is broken up into a number of different sections, while here you can:

  Browse thru my family tree and other quasi one name studies I have undertaken
  Look at a detailed family history for the main lines in my family tree
  Find out some more about the meanings & origins of our family names
  Learn a little about the places where my family originated and has lived
  Check out my transcriptions and link to interesting family history resources in Australia and abroad.
  Post a message on our notice boards (mediated)
  Register to recieve the Hardie Family Newsletter (targeted at Descendents of William Hardie & Jessie Stoddart)
  Or if you have nothing better to do, you can send me a message at contact us email.

To navigate the site:
Select an item from the top navigation bar. That item will then be highlighted. If there are any other topics available under that menu option, they will appear in the side navigation (purple area to the left). You will always know where you in the site, by checking the 'breadcrumb trail' just below the top navigation bar. You can go to any page on that trail, simply by clicking the title. If you get really lost, you can always check the site map (located on the right of the green footer bar below).



Check out of family photos below

Family Photos

family photos

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