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Surname Meanings for:

• Bashford
• Cousin
• Ferguson
• Stoddart



My Family Surnames

In my family tree, I have hundreds of different surnames, a full list is available in the family tree section of this site, under the Surname Index .

I know how difficult it was when I started looking for the meaning of my ancestors surnames, so over time, I have been compiling research on the surnames in my family tree. This is a long and time consuming process. As well as the meaning of the name I have included (where available), the geographical origin of the name, clan affiliation, and stories or legend of famous or infamous bearers of the name.

The histories of the following names is available:

  Bain   Bashford (coming soon)
  Bedingfield   Burgess
  Chapman   Cockburn (coming soon)
  Cousin (coming soon)   Davis
  Darrough   Dynan
  Fullelove   Ferguson (coming soon)
  Hardie   Hayes
  Hinds   Jaffray
  Jessop   Kettle
  Kitching   MacDermott
  Mansfield   Mercer
  Mouser   Pincheon
  Poile   Shoobridge
  Starkey   Stoddart (coming soon)
  Sweeney   Yates



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