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Shoobridge is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is classified as being of habitation or locality name of origin.

In the case of the family name Shoobridge, it originally referred to a person from Shewbridge, a town located in Lancashire, or from Shobrooke, a parish in Devonshire, about two miles from Crediton. This surname could have also been derived from a minor, unrecorded, or now "lost" place called Sho(e)bridge, believed to have been situated in Kent, between Westerham and Tonbridge, due to prevalence of Church recordings in that county. An estimated seven to ten thousand villages and hamlets are known to have disappeared in Britain since circa 1100, due to such natural disasters as the Black Death of 1348, in which an eight of the population perished, or to the widespread practice of "clearing" large areas of land to make sheep pastures during the height of the wool-trade in the 15th century.

The place name means "the sheltered bridge", possibly a covered bridge, derived from the olde English pre 7th century "sceo", shelter, shed, and brygge, bridge. This surname may also be derived from the combination of the old English words "scora", meaning "river bank" and "bridge". Thus, in this case, the surname Shoobridge identified a person who lived by the bridge at the river bank.

The family is quite well documented with at least one line of the family becoming 'landed'. There is a registered Coat of arms for the family granted to the Shoobridge family from Uckfield in Essex in 1662.

ARMS - Consists of a blazon of arms consits of two bars sable (black), on the first one, two leopards' faces, on the second one a single leopard face. The shield background colour, Argent (white), represents the colours silver or white, and indicates harmony and sincerity.

CREST - is a leopard's face or, between two wings expanded sable.

MOTTO - "Sans Peur et sans Souci" (French) and means "Without Fear and without Remorse".


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