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My family comes primarily from the United Kingdom, with the majority of my lines originating in Scotland. As you can see from the place name below, they have ended spread to four corners of the world, taking advantage of various assisted emigration schemes. Whilst some members of the family remained in the 'Mother Country' there are are many descendants located in America, Australia and New Zealand.

For ease of access, I have indicated next to each grouping of locations, which family lines originate there or have a relationship with it:

Alabama Hardie
Louisiana Hardie
Texas Hardie
Pennsylvania Witherspoon; Todd
New South Wales Darrough ; Davis ; Dynan ; McDermott; Jessop ; Shoobridge
Queensland Hardie ; Bain ; Kitching ; Yates
South Australia Hardie
Suffolk Bedingfield ; Jessop ; Mouser ; Philpot
Sussex Bashford ; Greenyer
Wiltshire Burgess ; Pincheon
Kent Hinds ; Polie ; Shoobridge
Leicester Eltinton ; Fullelove ; Mansfield
Lancashire Booth ; Hayes ; Roscoe ; Yates ;
Yorkshire Buffey ; Chapman; Kitching ;
Cheshire Appleton ; Buffey ; Partington
Tipperary Dynan ; Sweeney
Antrim Darrough
Northland Hardie
Auckland Bain ; Hardie
Otago Hardie
Angus Kettle ; McDermott
Ayr Welsh ; Knox
Berwick Cockburn ; Kitching ; Murray ; Robertson ; Redpath ; Spence ; Lumsden
Clackmannan Cousin ; Hardie ; Messar ; Rae
East Lothian Bain ; Cockburn ; Hardie ; Jaffray ; Robertson ; Swine ; Witherspoon ; French
Fife Bain ; Cousin ; Hardie
Midlothian Bain ; Cockburn ; Hardie ; Kitching
Roxburgh Kitching
Kinross Hardie
Lanark Bain ; Todd
Carmarthen Davis

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