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In this section of the site, you will find links to family history resources that I have found particularly useful. Where appropriate I have integrated many of these links through out the site in the Related Links sections, in addition to other more specific links (not listed here). Where possible I have included sites which contain information or online databases, rather than a list of links. I have grouped them into 9 main areas:

  Official Births Deaths and Marriages Sites
  Geneaology Reference Sites
  Shipping and Immigration Sites
  Online Census Indicies
  Cemetary Records
  Mailing List and Noticeboard sites
  Name Reference Sites
  Employment Related Sites
  Other Very Cool Lookup sites

Official Birth Deaths & Marriages Sites
  ScotlandsPeople - the official records office database for scotland, contains births deaths and marriages from 1553 to 1901. Searches cost £6 for 30 pages of results, and you can download certificates online
  NSW Births Deaths & Marriages - the official NSW records site. You can purchase certificates online
  Colonial Tasmanian Family Links - a database provided by Archives Office of Tasmania

Geneaology Reference Sites
  Gendex -
  GenCircles -
  LDS FamilySearch - The Church of Latter Day Saints site, excellent for look ups. Coverage in some areas is significant, in others coverage is quite low. - contains over 1 billion names in over 3,000 unique databases (subscription based)
  Burkes Peerage & Gentry - definitive guide to British titled and landed families, with over 5,000 records. The lineages go back hundreds of years, showing how individuals contributed to the nation's history and heritage.
  Geneaology. com - includes online databases and family trees

Shipping and Immigration Sites
  Australian Shipping 1788 to 1968
  Mariners & Ships in Australian Waters
  NSW Arrivals 1844 to 1859 - Searchable database of all assisted immigrants arriving in NSW between 1844 and 1859
  NSW Arrivals 1860 to 1879 - Searchable database of all assisted immigrants arriving in NSW between 1860 and 1879
  NSW Arrivals 1880 to 1896 - Searchable database of all assisted immigrants arriving in NSW between 1880 and 1896
  South Australian Assisted Passengers 1836 to 1841
  Victorian Arrivals 1839 to 1851 - Searchable database of all assisted immigrants arriving in Port Phillip between 1839 and 1851
  QLD Arrivals 1848 to 1859 - Searchable database of all assisted immigrants arriving in Moreton Bay between 1848 and 1859. After this, majority of arrivals were to Maryborough
  Ships Muster Index 1816 to 1825 - a searchable database of passengers and crews departing New South Wales, provided by Australian Society of Genealogists
  Passenger Ships Arriving in Australian Ports - includes convict transports, New Zealand, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA (various dates) provided by Perth Dead Peoples Society
  Assisted Immigration to Victoria 1836 to 1879 -
  Unassisted Immigration to Victoria 1852 to 1889 - Searchable database of all unassisted immigration to Victoria. Provided by Victorian Public Records Office.
  Donegal Relief Passenger Lists - full passenger lists for the first five ships and final two ships sponsored by the Donegal Relief Fund.
  Highland and Island Emigration Society 1852 to 1857 - Passenger list of emigrants who travelled under the HEIS in the 1850, after the potato blight struck the Isles and western Highlands in 1846.This represented the last substantial chapter in the the Highland Clearances.
  Transportation Records Database - provided by National Archives of Ireland covering the period 1788 to 1868
  Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters - provides details of ships and passenger lists for ships arriving in Australian ports

Online Census Indicies
  NSW 1841 Census
  Buittle Parish, South West Scotland 1841, 1851, 1861 & 1881 census - excellent resource which contains a complete listing by residence. Site also contains Valuation Records, Old Parish Records and other information on people of the parish
  ScotlandsPeople - contains the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 census returns for the whole of scotland. Searches are available online for £6 for 30 pages of results.
  LDS FamilySearch - British, US & Canadian Census 1880/1881
  FreeCen - this Rootsweb site is growing rapidly to cover census from 1841 to 1891 from counties all over England, Scotland and Wales

Cemetary Records
  Prestonkirk Cemetary - a complete listing of all 'residents' of the Prestonkirk Cemetary, located in East Linton, East Lothian -
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission - An online database that contains listing of all commonwealth forces killed in the two world wars, includes memorial inscriptions
  Maryborough Cemetary Index - a complete listing of the cemetary includes name, age at death, date of death and place of birth
  Cemetary Photographs - photographs of thousands of graves from Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas

Mailing List and Noticeboard Sites
  GenUKI Mailing Lists
  GenForum - online forums provided by

Name Reference Sites
  House of Names - researchers of family names and providers of family crests
  Coat of Arms Shop - provides research on family name meanings, historys and sells scrolls, crests etc - provides family history research and heraldic art

Employment Related Sites
  Employees of Queensland Railways Department 1890 to 1901 - an index which includes the appointments and removals of Queensland Railway employees
  Employees of Southern and Western Railway 1866 to 1876 - Two indexes covering the appointments and removals of employees of Southern and Western Railway, Traffic Branch, Queensland. Provided by State Library of Queensland
  Miners involved in Queensland Mining Accidents 1882 to 1900 -
  Fatalities in the Queensland Coal Mining Industry 1882 to 1999 - and excellent listing of mining accidents, so accidents give names, but all give dates and details
  Queensland Government Indexes - Indexes available on line including mining leases, civil servants, teachers, wills, inquests etc. Provided by Queensland State Archives
Other very cool look up sites
  West Sussex Record Office - a really excellent site containing lots of very interesting family history information including Poor Law Database, Photograph Database and some good tutorials.
  Mother Hubbards Geneaology Tutorials - free online courses designed for beginners
  English Origins - a work in progress developed by Society of Geneaologists, information includes Boyds Marriage Index for most counties, London Apprenticeship Abstracts and Bank of England Will Abstracts
  Australian War Memorial - online collections that contain a wealth of material relating to the military service of individuals including a photographic collection
  Otago Nominal Index to 1879 - index to names in documents held by the Hocken Library, Dunedin, New Zealand
  Statistical Accounts of Scotland - contains the parish statistical accounts for 1791 to 1799 and 1845
  Internet History Resources - Over 15,000 pages of online records for family history research in New South Wales, Australia
  The Queensland Newspaper Transcriptions - a number of these newspapers from 1888 to about 1894 gradually being put online. Includes wedding notices, births, missing persons, appointments etc.
  Lists of Poorhouses - this is an excellent site which contains a list of all known poorhouses in United Kingdom, and where available, the 1881 census of their inmates and staff.
  Suffolk Churches - an excellent site with the history, photos and description of over 500 churches in Suffolk. Developed by Simon Knott.
  Pioneer Records for Milton Ulladulla - family history
  Compendium of Common Knowledge - an excellent PDF document which contains all types of information about the Elizabethan Era, including trade names, titles, forms of address, food, lifestyle and habits.
  FreeBDM - a site that is growing continually as people transcribe BDM records for parishs across England and Wales
  UK BDM - a site that provides births, marriages and death for a number of counties in Britian


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