Movies That Feature Rolex Wristwatches

Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The (1990) - A gold ladies Rolex Datejust is given to Fairlane as payment.

Agents Secrets (2004) - Vincent Cassel's character is issued a Rolex Submariner which is seen throughout the film.

Airplane! (1980) - Lloyd Bridges is clearly seen wearing a gold Rolex Submariner with a blue dial.

All The President's Men (1976) - Robert Redford wears a stainless steel Rolex Submariner on his right wrist.  His editor wears a Rolex GMT.

Big Shots, The (1987) - A Rolex Submariner with date. This watch becomes the central focus of the plot in the first half of the movie. The watch is given to a young teenager after his father dies. It is stolen from him and with the help of a street-wise kid, they try to get the watch back.

Blow Up (1966) - After we've seen Honor Blackman  in Goldfinger wearing a mens Rolex watch on her wrist, I think it became a fashion in the mid 60s for women to wear mens watches on their wrists.  This film is a great example, Vanessa Redgrave wears a Rolex Submariner without date over the sleeve of her blouse.  When she removes her blouse, you get a good look of her Rolex on a black strap on her right wrist.

Buffalo Soldiers (2001) - An extreme close-up of Rolex Datejust.

Burglar (1987) - Rolex Day-Date which Whoopie Goldberg likes to steal.

Candidate, The (1972) - Rober Redford wears a Rolex Submariner on his right wrist.  There's also a large advertisement  for Rolex on a desk which is used for a T.V. political commercial.

Carlito’s Way (1993) - Rolex Day-Date worn by Sean Penn.

Color of Money, The (1986) - A nice close-up of a stainless steel Rolex Datejust with Jubilee bracelet worn by Paul Newman and handled by Tom Cruise.

Courage Under Fire (1996) - Denzel Washington is clearly shown wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner with date on his right wrist.

Craft, The (1996) - good close-up of a vintage mid-size Rolex Oyster Precision with sub seconds on a leather strap worn by Robin Tunney.

Crew, The (2000) - Dan Hedaya wears a Rolex Day-Date which Burt Reynolds smashes to pieces.  A steel and gold Cartier Santos is put on the wrist of a skeleton.

Crossroads (1985) - A stainless steel Rolex Datejust traded for a guitar and hat.  There is a close-up of an unnamed watch, on closer examination its signature has been deliberately erased.

Deep, The (1977) - Nick Nolte wears a stainless steel Rolex Submariner/Sea-Dweller .

Deer Hunter (1978) - Rolex Submariner worn by DeNiro. Other Rolexes appear throughout the movie.  Namely a  stainless steel and gold GMT-Master which can easily be seen during the Russian Roulette scene.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) - Michael Caine wears a Rolex Day-Date.

Disappearance, The (1977) - Donald Sutherland wears a gold Rolex Submariner.

Distinguished Gentleman, The (1992) - Eddie Murphy wears a Rolex Day-Date.  "Oh, another Rolex, I collect these, mine is a slightly older model!"

15 Minutes (2001) - DeNiro wears a stainless steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.  "There's blood all over your watch".  Kelsey Grammer wears a Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso with a stainless steel bracelet.  A gold Rolex Day-Date is also seen.

Firefox (1982) - Two good close-ups of a steel and gold Rolex GMT on a Jubilee bracelet worn by Clint Eastwood.

44 Minutes (2003) - There's a close-up of a Rolex Submariner with date.  Also there's a few close-ups of a Giopini watch.

Frantic (1987) - A nice close-up of a stainless steel Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee bracelet worn by Harrison Ford.

Fugitive Kind, The (1959) - Two mentions of a Rolex chronometer worn by Marlon Brando.  Brando describes his watch as, "Well, you take this Rolex chronometer, tells the time of the day, days of the week and month and all the crazy moonphases".

Get Carter (1971) - Michael Caine wears a stainless steel Rolex Datejust on a strap.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) - A gold Rolex Day-Date worn by Alec Baldwin. "You see this watch? You see this watch? This watch costs more than your car!"

Goodfellas (1990) - One of the gold watches that Ray Liotta wears on his right wrist is a Rolex Day-Date.

Gotti (1996) - Good shots of an Omega Speedmaster Professional , a steel and gold Rolex Datejust with Jubilee bracelet and white dial and one with black dial.

Hard To Kill (1990) - A gold or stainless steel and gold Rolex GMT II worn by Steven Seagall.

Harry In Your Pocket (1974) - A $1400 Rolex Day-Date worn by James Coburn’s protegé.

Havana (1990) - A pink gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual (bubbleback?) with seconds sub dial at 6 o'clock worn by Alan Arkin.

He Got Game (1998) - A medium and extreme close-ups of a platinum Rolex Day-Date with diamond dial.  "That's a $36,000 watch.  That's like having a Corvette on your wrist."

Hooper (1978) - Great shots of a Rolex GMT worn by Burt Reynolds.  He then takes off the GMT and puts on a Rolex Day-Date.   All this occurs at the opening titles.

Hunter, The (1980) - Steve McQueen wears a Rolex Submariner with date on his right wrist.

Infernal Affairs II (Mou gaan dou II) - There are plenty of Rolexes seen in the Hong Kong movie.  Close- ups of Air-Kings and Day-Dates.  There is a close-up of a ladies Longines.  Film also credits Longines,

In The Line Of Fire (1993) - A steel & gold Rolex Datejust worn by Clint Eastwood.

Jack Of Diamonds (1967) - Extreme close-up of a Rolex Submariner worn by George Hamilton.

Jaws (1975) - A Rolex Submariner and an unknown diving watch (Omega?) worn by Richard Dreyfuss.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) - An extreme close-up of  a fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona handled by Uma Thurman.

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989) - A pimp offers tough cop Charles Bronson his Rolex Day-Date with a diamond dial as a bribe.  "It cost me $25,000 at Tiffany's!"  With a gun pointed at the pimp's head, Bronson orders him to swallow the watch which he does.  "Now you'll have to look between your legs to tell the time!"

Knock Off (1998) - Jean-Claude Van Damme wears a stainless steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a white dial in this forgettable movie.  Or was it a knock off?

L.A. Confidential (1997) - Spacey wears a Bulova while Guy Pearce wears a Rolex Oyster.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995) - Rolex Cosmograph Daytona pawned by Nicholas Cage. "$500 for a ‘93 Rolex Daytona? - I’ll do it!"

Liquidator (1966) - Rod Taylor wears a Rolex Submariner.

Lord of War (2005) - Nicholas Cage wears a white gold or platinum Rolex Day-Date.

Lost in Translation (2003) - Bill Murray wears a two tone Rolex DateJust.

Mallrats (1995) - A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a white dial.

Marathon Man (1976) - Rolex GMT with black bezel inset and Jubilee bracelet given as a present to Dustin Hoffman. He then trades it for a taxi fare and some change. I guess it wasn't safe.

Marked For Death (1991) - Rolex Day-Date worn by Steven Seagall for the first part of the movie. He then wears a TAG Heuer stainless steel chronograph.

Mars Attacks! (1996) - Danny DeVito offers a Martian his Rolex which is on a strap.  "You want my watch?  Take it.  Take it.  It's a Rolex!"  DeVito then gets blown up.

Mechanic, The (1972) - A close-up of Rolex Submariner without date worn by Charles Bronson. He also wears an unknown chronograph.

National Treasure (2004) - There are many scenes featuring a Rolex Submariner worn by Nicholas Cage.  He even refers to it as a "Submariner".

North Sea Hijack (1975) - Roger Moore wears a Rolex Submariner and a Seiko Quartz Professional Diver. Anthony Perkins wears an Omega Speedmaster(?).

One Night at McCool's (2001) - Having his Swatch stolen, Matt Dillon steals a two-tone Rolex Datejust.

Outbreak (1995) - Kevin Spacey wears a Rolex Submariner.

Picture Perfect (1997) - Jennifer Aniston wears  a mens Rolex Oyster Perpetual with Oyster bracelet.  She also receives a watch with a green strap in an envelope.

Pulp Fiction (1994) - The movie is divided into five chapters.  Chapter 3 is titled, The Gold Watch.  The watch itself is an old gold Rolex given to a little boy by Christopher Walken and worn by Bruce Willis.  There's also a close-up of a black faced Gucci watch worn by Harvey Keitel.

Rain Man (1988) - Rolex Day-Date pawned by Tom Cruise.

Red Heat (1988) - James Belushi swaps his Rolex for Schwarzenegger's East German/Russian watch at the end of the film.

Red Line 7000 (1965) - Stainless Steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona can be clearly seen worn by the owner of James Caan’s racing team.

Revenge (1990) - Kevin Costner's character receives a green Rolex box containing a stainless steel Submariner with date which he wears throughout the movie.

Rocky II - (1979) - Whilst shopping for watches, Sly is holding a Rolex Day-Date and a Lady Datejust with diamond bezel in his left hand.  In his right, he's holding a gold Rolex GMT with Jubilee bracelet.

Romantic Englishwoman, The (1975) - A nice shot of a Rolex Day-Date worn by Michael Caine.

Ruthless People (1986) - Rolex Day-Date worn by Danny DeVito which becomes part of the ransom payment.  "They want the Rolex and your pinky ring!"

Scorpio (1973) - There's a close-up of a Rolex Air-King worn by Burt Lancaster.

Seconds (1966) - A close-up of a Stainless Steel Rolex Perpetual Chronometer.

Shindler’s List (1994) - Rolex Prince worn by Liam Neesom.

Short Circuit 2 (1988) - Fake Rolexes sold by Michael McKean on the street.

Shot In The Dark, A (1964) - A Rolex GMT with a Jubilee bracelet worn by Peter Sellers can easily be seen.  Funny moments when Clouseau and Hercule try to synchronize their watches and when the murder suspects contradict each other regarding the correct time.

Sleuth (1972) - Michael Caine wears a gold Rolex Day-Date which is clearly seen.

Speed (1993) - The "cheesy" watch is a gold Rolex Day-Date (fake?) which is part of the bomb detonator. Dennis Hopper wears a Rolex GMT II.

Sphere (1998) - Sharon Stone wears a Rolex Submariner with date on her right wrist.

Strange Days (1995) - Fake Rolexes worn by Ralph Fiennes.

Tequila Sunrise (1988) - Both Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson wear gold Rolexes, a Datejust and Submariner respectively. One of the watches is also mentioned in the film.

They Drive By Night  (1940) - Humphery Bogart wears a Rolex Prince.

They Live (1988) - Gold Rolex Oyster Perpetuals worn by the aliens.

This Is Spinal Tap (1984) - Rolex Submariner worn by Nigel Tuffnel played by Christopher Guest.

Thunderheart (1992) - Val Kilmer wears a stainless steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. He ends up giving the watch to an Indian elder.

Thursday (1998) - The main character receives a gold ladies Rolex Datejust and a Rolex Day-Date.  There's a close-up of the back of the Day-Date which has an inscription.  There is also an extreme close-up of the dial.  Earlier on in the movie there's an extreme close-up of a TAG Heuer that is upside down.

Tightrope (1984) - Clint Eastwood wears a Rolex GMT.

Titanic (1998) - Bill Paxton wears a gold Rolex Submariner .

Top Secret! (1984) - A hugely over-sized Rolex Oyster Chronometer showing the time 7.22. It is supposed to be a close-up of wristwatch but in fact it's a wall clock on a person's wrist.

2 Days In The Valley (1996) - A Rolex Day-Date worn by James Spader but he keeps a Minerva stop-watch around his neck.

Un Flic (Dirty Money) (1972) - One of the gangsters wears a Rolex Submariner without date. Alain Delon wears a Cartier Tank Arrondie . (See Le Samourai).

Unlawful Entry (1992) - Kurt Russell’s lawyer wears a Rolex Day-Date . "That's a nice Rolex!"

Weekend at Bernie's (1989) - Bernie wears a gold Rolex Day-Date which finds a place on Andrew McCarthy's wrist.

What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen? (2001) - There's a close-up of a tray of watches which include a Rolex Explorer II white and black faced, a steel and gold Rolex Datejust, a steel and gold Rolex Submariner with a gold dial (fake), a Breitlng Aerospace and a Rolex Day-Date with a Jubilee bracelet (fake).  Also there a close-up of a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a diamond dial that goes up for auction.

When Time Ran Out (1980) - Paul Newman wears a Rolex GMT.

Wild Things (1998) - Matt Dillon wears a stainless steel Rolex Submariner with date.

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