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First Generation

Name: Jerry
Nickname: Tossman
Specialty: Low Tricks
Education: University of Sydney (PhD in Nutrition)

Tossman founded HTU back in 2003. He brought Tricking to many places, mainly the University of Sydney where the majority of the team formed. For the past year or so he has been out of Sydney to further his studies. While he was gone the responsibilities for the team were shared around, things which he used to do all on his own. It's good to have you back Tossman!

Name: David
Nickname: Qwack
Specialty: All Rounder
Occupation: Pharmacist

In his prime, Qwack was by far the most gifted. His ability to trick is probably thanks to his many years of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Qwack has an extensive arsenal and is known for his smooth and impressive style of tricking. He is well known for tricking in a T-shirt and boxer shorts, whether or not this outfit aids his tricks is yet unknown. Qwack is now engaged in building a career and business, regardless, he still manages to attend the occassioal event.

Name: Paul
Nickname: Chamampion
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of Adelaide (Medicine)

Ever since he started to trick, Chamampion amazed people with his stunning aerial proprioception. This has allowed him to become the team's most promising flipper. In the past few years, he has been in Adelaide studying medicine. As a result, tricking has taken a backseat in his life. However, the odd drunken backflip is still being performed to this day.

Name: Luke
Nickname: Animal
Specialty: Combos
Education: University of New South Wales (Industrial Design)

Upon joining HTU Animal was by far the least naturally gifted. However after years of uttermost dedication he proved all skeptics wrong by improving his huge arsenal to absolute perfection. His devotion to tricking and drilling has enabled him to become not only the team's cleanest trickster, but also the team's combo master. His achievements are most noteworthy in his sampler. Together with his tricking contribution, Animal has introduced many to the world of tricking.


Second Generation

Name: David
Nickname: Kage
Specialty: Kicks
Education: University of Sydney (Science)

Initially introduced to tricking by the Shinkiro team, after meeting Animal, Kage is now a loyal member of HTU. With a few years of TKD under his belt, he specialises in kicks and is able to smoothly combo them into huge loops. Kage's current biggest limitation is the amount of time spent working and playing DotA and his Wii.

Name: Tim
Nickname: Hamster
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of Sydney (Arts/Law)

Drawn to tricking by exposure from the tricksters at the Usyd Gym club, the Hamster is another trickster with a strong TKD background. Dispite this, he has built his arsenal around flipping. He is the official HTU treasurer and owner of our new domain and our webspace Hamster seems to have a natural ability for tricking thanks to his fast learning and gutsiness.

Name: David
Nickname: Ass Tank
Specialty: Inversion
Education: University of Sydney (Science/Arts)

Otherwise known as Crazy Dave, Ass Tank has a strong background in many forms of martial arts and this aids his tricking. He is known for his log legged tricks, tight shirts and pants, and recklessly crazy style. Although Ass Tank has been missing from recent sessions, he is always entertaining and always crazy.

Name: Tony
Nickname: Revan
Specialty: Breakdancing
Education: Ultimo Tafe (IT for Programming)

Revan is the loudest HTU member and resident breakdancer. When not breakdancing with his crew "Hybrid FormZ", he is with the HTU boys polishing his tricks. He has a "no pain" and fearless attitude towards tricking. This natural athlete has an insanely strong upper body thanks to his breakdancing, and is known for learning tricks in only 5 short minutes. In the time he's been with HTU he's taught the team the "secrets of the ninja".


Third Generation

Name: David
Nickname: Big Dave
Specialty: Strength Tricks
Education: University of Sydney (PhD in Biochemistry)

Big Dave is no doubt the biggest member of HTU by far. This token whiteboy is known for two things. One, his giant frame, and two, as HTU's most Asian member. David has a strong background in Kung Fu (as an instructor and multitime forms champion), while also being an adept Capoeira-ist. Dave spends most of his current time doing strength training and cheerleading based activities.

Name: Brendan
Nickname: Takahashi
Specialty: All Rounder
Education: University of Western Sydney (Health & Exercise Science)

Takahashi is known to many as the "Grandaddy of tricking" in Australia. He spends a large portion of his week in training. Brendan is a personal trainer by trade and thus is a valuable member of the team with a background in exercise and sports science. He is known for his solid tricking, modesty, and a permanent cheesy grin.

Name: Terry
Nickname: Lynx
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of New South Wales (Commerce)

Lynx is Kage's younger, but not necessarily less experienced, brother. He is by far the youngest menber of HTU and was, introduced to the group through Kage. Initially indifferent to tricking, Lynx is now present at as many sessions as Kage. Lynx also holds a black belt in the art of TKD and as a result, specialises in kicks.

Name: Jason
Nickname: TreXzar
Specialty: PENDING
Education: University of Sydney (Engineering/Science)

A breaker converted trickster, Trexzar has become an accomplished trickster, boasting a well rounded, high hang time, and solid arsenal. He is best known for his reckless tricking style, resulting in a huge collection of crashes worthy to make into any "Best of Crash" sampler series. Trexzar single-handedly holds all of HTU’s aerial variations and aims to increase the speed of his tricks, particularly his twisting.

Name: David
Nickname: Dizzy
Specialty: Twists & Spins
Education: University of Sydney (Pharmacy)

Prior to tricking, Dizzy only had casual break dancing experience. Dizzy is HTU’s only twist specialist, and holds the team’s only double butterfly twist. Other than his unique tricking style, he is best for his glutes, argumentative nature, and “DEN…DENDEN…”. Dizzy is a fast learner and natural athlete. He has made some major contributions to the team, including introducing many other tricksters to our family.

Name: Nick
Nickname: Tangible
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of New South Wales (Commerce)

Now retired, Tangible was our second recruit from Team Shinkiro (known there as NiKz), and was introduced by Animal. Nick is what most people describe as a natural athlete. He has excellent proprioception and thus is a competent flipper. Nick is a true backyard trickster with no background in any discipline. His tricking philosophy is along the lines of "who needs good theory? Just do it."

Name: Thi
Nickname: Thi-Lah
Specialty: PENDING
Education: University of Technology, Sydney (Civil Engineering)

Thi has been tricking for years with his other team "Sexy Time Crew" while also breaking with "Hybrid Formz". He is one of the HTU's most experienced martial artists, boasting a generous 3rd degree blackbelt in TKD, which is evident in his level of skill and co-ordination. Much like Chamampion and Tangible, Thi is a competent flipper, however he separates himself from the others with his seemingly unlimited amounts of hidden power and finesse allowing him to rip out some of the most incredible tricks the teams boasts. Although he's quiet and modest, if you keep an eye on him he'll blow you away with his outrageous arsenal of tricks. For Thi, it's go big or go bigger.

Name: Spencer
Nickname: Suspense
Specialty: NOTHING
Education: University of Sydney (Design Computing)

Suspense is currently HTU’s webmaster and video editor. He was originally introduced to tricking by Dizzy. His martial arts background is with TKD and is another of HTU's black belters. Thus, Suspense specialises in kicks, but has also started playing with twists and flips. He's known best for his wrist shaking while setting up for tricks and his poor accents and impersonations. Outside of tricking, Suspense is arguably HTU’s overall best gamer.


Fourth Generation

Name: Thai
Nickname: Thaifoon
Specialty: Kicks
Education: University of Sydney (Pharmacy)

Thaifoon is another long time trickster from “Sexy Time Crew”. A breaker turned trickster, Thaifoon was also once a dedicated TKD practitioner with an admirable 2nd degree blackbelt. Whilst he is quiet and conservative trickster with a style and flavour similar to that of Thi-lah, Thaifoon is definitely one of the more unique tricksters on the team. Thaifoon was initially introduced to HTU by Dizzy and has become a member of the team due to his increasing presence at sessions and displays of vast potential and though his presence is infrequent, one day he shall return with even greater potential.

Name: David
Nickname: Davos
Specialty: All Rounder
Education: University of New South Wales (Optometry)

Just when you thought that five other Davids were adequate, Davos proves that you can never have enough HTU tricksters named David. Like Thi-Lah and Thaifoon, Davos is not new to tricking and is the third HTUer originating from the "Sexy Time Crew". He gives credit to his fellow STCers for his TKD experience as well as his impressive arsenal of tricks. Davos carries the burden of a chronic shoulder injury, though from watching him you wouldn't know it. He was originally highly ellusive to the camera but since then has come out of his shell and is now one of the most attention grabbing tricksters on the team with his ever increasing list of tricks that only few on the team can perform.

Name: Kai
Nickname: The Sponge
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of Macquarie (Masters in Translation)

Originally introduced by Ass Tank, The Sponge is not only HTU's first female trickster but also HTU's first trickster with a proper gymnast background. Hence, she is another of HTU’s flippers. Being the princess that she is, she refuses to trick on any surface other than plyo, and drink nothing but Evian water. Usually quiet, The Sponge is known for having the team's single most sexy flashkick.

Name: Damien
Nickname: Circles
Specialty: Flips
Education: University of New South Wales (Music)

Circles showed the initiative of finding HTU by himself instead going through the usual process of being poached. Again, Circles is a true backyard trickster, having no background in either martial arts or gymnastics. He has become a competent flipper but is determined in becoming a well rounded trickster. Other than his tricking, Circles is an accomplished musician and has HTU’s best singing voice.


HTU Friends

Name: Elaine
Nickname: Mislain
Specialty: Cameras
Education: University of Sydney (Horticultural Science)

Although Mislain is not a trickster, she has become the team's official camgirl. Her ability to point a piece of plastic at moving tricksters is exceptional. Even more notably is her ability to take random, candid stills of people. Perhaps most impressive, is her attention span towards tricking. No other non-trickster has managed to put up with the long hours of tricking that she has been capable of.

Team E: The Castle Hill veterans. Never has HTU seen the likes of these. These four boys (including our own Takahashi) are the resident tricksters of the C2K Gym and in terms of skill level, are clearly well beyond any of our boys.

Team Hisuinokumo: W and Icarus.

Pat: Residing in Wollongong, this white boy met HTU through TT. Since then he has become a close friend of ours, being a regular forum go-er and popping up at C2K sessions from time to time.

Team Inversion: John McLay, Scotty Skelton and friends - Jonathan McDougall, Jessica Heaton and Sarah Musk. Officially meeting them in person during SWTG '07, this team from Brisbane are a modest bunch but have the ability to make anyone's jaw drop. When you are with these guys (and girls), you can only feel the adrenalin and the love.

Team GS: Evan Barwise, Robin Brown, Patrick Brown, Rian Goodge and Nick Rakis. We also met this Melbourne team officially at SWTG '07. Amazing tricks, amazing people. These guys are bloody champions, nothing but good times.

The Pharmers: Dizzy's Pharmacy mates Phat and Ray. Recently these two have become regulars to HTU seesions at uni. They clearly enjoy tricking and can be found popping in and out of clips.

Aaron: HTU's first tricking connection to Melbourne. Aaron met all the HTU boys during the summer of 2005/06 while he was on workplacement in Sydney. He's a passionate ITF TKD trickster and the whole team hopes he'll come back to visit and trick.

Ploi Boi: A casual trickster introduced to the world of tricking by Animal. Ploi sometimes joins the HTU boys for tricking sessions and is known for his ridiculously good butterfly twist.

Phong: Phong is a member of the Gym Club and has appeared in a few HTU clips, however his heart lies with gymnastics and breakdancing. Perhaps one day we will convert him to tricking.

Judy: Judy has recently behome our second cameragirl in training. Much like Elaine, she perfers to help out behind the scenes rather than infront of the camera.

Marty: Marty is one of the resident gym coaches at Usyd. He has taken a liking to tricking and although he doesn't know it, Marty has influenced the progress of the team strongly through his gymnastics coaching.