Frequently Asked Questions

Tricking isn't exactly a widely known sport. Therefore, lots of questions about Tricking and about us as tricksters constantly pop up time and time again. Here is just a small compilation of the most commonly asked questions.
  1. What is Tricking?
  2. Tricking has no real definition. However some people have come up with some pretty good ones. One being, "Tricking is an aesthetic blend of aerial kicks, twists, and flips."
  3. Why is is called Tricking
  4. Tricking has roots in martial arts. It is also often referred to as Martial Arts Tricks. Since there's no real martial arts foundation (uniforms, belts) some people just call it Tricks. It doesn't really matter what you call it, just don't call it Parkour or Multi Level Moves.
  5. Isn't that Breakdancing?
  6. No. Breakdancing is more than just busting out impressive power moves. It's about the dancing! Tricking involves doing aerial kicks, twists, and flips, whilst breakdancers mainly stay on the ground.
  7. How long does it take to learn tricks?
  8. Depends how retarded you are. Seriously though, it differs from person to person. It also depends on the trick. One person might grasp the concept of the 540 very fast, but completely suck when it comes to a btwist. You won't know until you try!
  9. Don't you get injured and stuff?
  10. Yes. You also get hurt doing other sports. All physical activities put people at risk. As long as you take the proper precautions (warming up, stretching) you will be fine.
  11. Can you teach me how to backflip?
  12. Yes of course! however, it is strongly encouraged to learn (or at least try to learn) other aspects of Tricking. If you solely focus on flips that doesn't make you a trickster, but rather a gymnast. That would suck wouldn't it =P

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