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Fourth generation samplers are clips filmed during later 2007. These clips are what we have to show up to date.
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Trick Sampler XXXVI
Release date: 27/11/07
Size: 33.9 Mbs
Features: Animal, Circles, Davos, Dizzy, Hamster, Kage, Lynx, Sponge, Suspense, Tossman, Trexzar, Thi-lah
Music: Tiesto - Adagio for Strings
Location: C2K Gym, Five Dock Gym, Olympic Park, USyd, UNSW, Various Parks, Brighton Beach
A job well done to Suspence for making this sampler. It containts footage that spans from around SWTG to our last big session at C2K soon before the release date. The sampler's main stars this time round are Davos, Thi-Lah and TreXzar, all of whom have improved drastically since the last sampler. 

Trick Sampler XXXV
Release date: 09/06/07
Size: 21.3 Mbs
Features: Animal, Circles, Davos, Dizzy, Suspense, Tossman, Trexzar, Thi-lah
Guest: Morgan (Team E), Warrick (Team Hisuinokumo)
Music: Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
Location: C2K Gym, Five Dock Gym, UNSW, USyd, OTC Gym, Various Parks
This is first team sampler that was made by Trexzar. Pat on the back for a job well done! Inspired by old school samplers, XXXV showcases a period of much more laidback tricking, due to a slight decrease of sessions. Special mention to Suspense for his impressive improvements. Plus, there are some very spectacular crashes, so check it out!

Trick Sampler XXXIV 
Release date: 13/04/07
Size: 25.3 Mbs
Features: Animal, Circles, Davos, Dizzy, Kage, Suspense, Thaifoon, Tossman, Trexzar
Music: All That Remains - Six
Location: C2K Gym, Five Dock Gym, USyd Physics Lawn, UNSW Physics Lawn, Various Parks and the city
This is the first sampler in this series made by somebody in the team other than Tossman (that's me - Animal! :D) and the first time a video in this series had a switch to higher quality video at 640x480. My samplers are distinctly different from Tossman's, and since this is my first time doing a sampler in this series, so I hope this one went well. So here it is....trick sampler XXXIV! Enjoy it as much as I hated making it (stupid wmm)!

Trick Sampler XXXIII
Release date: 19/02/07
Size: 8.15 Mbs
Features: Animal, Davos, Dizzy, Kage, Hamster, Qwack, Suspense, Thi-Lah, Tossman, Trexzar
Guest: Aaron
Music: Pokemon Theme
Location: OTC Gym, Various parks
To be honest I've put out much better samplers. Locations were dull, tricks weren't hardcore and the editing left a lot to the imagination. Never the less, here's what will be the last sampler made by myself for a while.

Crash Sampler XV
Release date: 19/02/07
Size: 8.68 Mbs
Features: Dizzy, Hamster, Lynx, Qwack, Suspense, Thi-Lah, Tossman, Trexzar
Music: Kane - Fearless
Location: OTC Gym, Bondi Beach
I always wanted to make a crash sampler with this song but never did because I thought it would be too difficult and give mixed emotions. I hope it didn't turn out too baddly here. All I can say is, it's very different to previous crash samplers. The main theme here appears to be "big crashes from twists".

Trick Sampler XXXII
Release date: 10/01/07
Size: 7.48 Mbs
Features: Animal, Davos, Dizzy, Kage, Lynx, Qwack, Sponge, Suspense, Thi-Lah, Tossman, Trexzar
Guest: Aaron
Music: Machinae Supremacy - Sidestyler
Location: C2K, OTC Gym, UNSW, Various parks
Welcome our first 4th generation sampler. It hold s a good mix of beach clips from two seperate sessions and a load of various clips from individuals shooting in their own time. No new tricks from any of the boys this time round, but I think its safe to say that improvements are there.

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