HM 30 Mill Drill Pg 1


On 15 th November '03 I went to a Hare and Forbes Machinery sale in Brisbane, I weakened, the price was too good, I bought a mill drill. They had sold all of the mill drills that they had in Brisbane so I had to go and pick it up about a week later after it came up from Melbourne. I rented a ute and here it is reversed in my shed.


My one ton chain block ready on the I beam rail.


In the process of removing crate.


Plenty of grease slimed on everything that might rust and plenty of greasy paper. Still on the ute here. I lifted it a little bit and unbolted it from the base of the crate.


The metal belt housing is plenty strong enough to take the squashing forces of the lifting straps.


I tied the rear lifting strap so it couldn't slip around towards the front. Arrh looking good.



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