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**** Newly added to the gallery: wesaldz.

Welcome to #Chataway on IRCnet's website!

#Chataway is a friendly chatroom channel with a long history on IRCnet. We are an international english speaking channel with regular chatters from all around the world. The conversations in #Chataway cover a variety of topics and can be relaxed, funny, serious and sometimes just plaing silly ;)

This site is a collection of things about the chatroom #Chataway and its users. It includes user profiles in the Gallery, useful Links and Server help, as well as a Map to see where our chatters are from. If you are a #Chataway regular and would like to be added to the Gallery, check out the "Add me to Gallery" link :)

So if your feeling bored come along and have some fun by giving us a visit!

Page updated Monday 13th of June 2005

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