IRCnet Server Information
This page gives information for those who have trouble connecting to the IRCnet network, in particular users from Australia and the USA. Links to Webchats are also found here.

It is recommended that you try to connect to a server as local to you as possible. Generally if you mange to connect to a server that is not local to you, your connection is restricted (+r).

People living in Australia (which has no servers of its own), should try to connect to the following servers:
People living in the USA, your local severs include:

All Countries
In theory, as of the 10th of August 2004, Polish servers are open to users from all countries.
Polish servers include:

Server Lists & Contact Information
It is possible to update the server list in your version of mirc, by following the simple instructions on the mirc site.
A list of servers currently connected to the IRCnet network can also be obtained by typing "/links" in a mirc window already connected to the IRCnet network.
A current list of servers connected to IRCnet are also available at
Information and contact details about particular servers can be obtained with the commands "/motd server address" and "/admin server address"

Alternatively, if all else fails you can experience the joys of using a webchat, found at either or
There is also a webchat at To join #Chataway from this webchat, you have to join another channel first to connect, and then you can type /join #Chataway. I'd only use this webchat as a last resort, it is the least mirc like.