Classic Australian Muscle Cars

Above: The "SUPER-ROO" emblem first appeared on the late 60's Ford Falcon GT.

1971 XY Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 3

The GT-HO Phase 3 was the ultimate Ford Australia muscle car in 1971. Four 165 MPH Phase 4's were produced on the new XA model in 1972, but production was abandoned due to pressure from insurance companies and "do-gooders" in the media.

Powered by a heavily modified 351 Cleveland motor, with 4 speed top-loader, and detroit locker 9" diff, the GT-HO delivered the goods. It was also equipped with special brakes and handling package, plus a 36 gallon fuel tank and functional "shaker" hood scoop.

The GT-HO 351 motor produced 380HP (285KW), and was fitted with a 6,150RPM rev limiter. With the rev limiter disabled, it would pull 7,000+ RPM, even in 4th gear.

Like all the cars featured here, these are now collectors items. Good examples of the Phase 3 sell for in excess of $60,000. (US$40,000).

0 - 60 MPH..... 6.4 seconds

0 - 100 MPH..... 14.6 seconds

Standing 1/4 mile..... 14.4 seconds

Top speed......145 MPH, while bouncing off the factory-set 6,150 RPM rev limiter. With rev limiter disconnected, around 155 MPH.

Left: This is the infamous picture from "Wheels" magazine, taken on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne. Look closely and you will see the GT-HO speedo dial @ 145 MPH, with the tach indicating around 6,700 RPM (the tach was a little optomistic).

Below, clockwise from left: At the drags, a beautiful and original GT-HO phase 3, 1977 Falcon Cobra 351 and the 1974 XB GT.

For more information on Australian Ford muscle cars, try The Falcon GT Garage, or Aussie Fords.

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