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How to fillet a Flathead

Cut the flathead between its two pectoral fins to the backbone

Slice along the backbone towards the tail but stop just short of it

Starting from the tail, scrape away the flesh from the skin

Holding the flesh, peel it away from the skin, the bones should remain attached to the skin.

Repeat for the other side.

Barbecued Flathead Fillets                    


Coat the Flattie Fillets in flour (I use corn flour) and spices (lemon pepper, Italian spices or whatever takes your fancy) by putting them a plastic bag and shaking them around.

Remove the fillets and put them on the BBQ coated with a smear of oil. Cook for a few minutes.

Eat them with salad or as an entree by themselves garnished with lemon or tartare sauce.


Thai Spice Flathead Fillets

Mix chopped coriander, chillies and olive oil in a bowl

Marinate the flattie fillets for 30 minutes in the refrigerator

Cook the fillets on the BBQ for a few minutes

Add lemon juice to marinade.

Put the fish in a mixed lettuce salad

Pour marinade over as salad dressing


Flathead Mixed Grill

Degree of difficulty: Low
Preparation time:15 minutes
Cooking time: 5-10 minutes
You need:

Flathead fillets
Sliced boiled potatoes
Slices of eggplant marinated in French dressing
Melted Butter
Tomato halves
Lemon wedges for servings


Line the griller pan with aluminium foil.
Brush the fillets and vegetables with melted butter.
Preheat your griller as it must be very hot.
Grill the fish several minutes on each side, basting with extra butter.
Serve with vegetables, lemon wedges and sauce from the bottom of the pan.

This recipe was featured by Debbie Bye

Flathead in Beer Batter

Batter:    1 cups of self-raising flour, 1 cup of beer, 1 egg. Whisk together until smooth. Cover and place in fridge for an hour.

Heat vegetable oil, dip flathead fillets in batter, drain excess batter and put in hot oil until golden brown. 


Elephant Fish

Bleed, gut and skin as soon as possible (remember they are a shark), remove all dark flesh and cut into preferred size fillets.

Press fillets into dry bread crumbs

Melt oil and butter in pan. When sizzling drop fillets into pan. Cook both sides. 

Remove and add lemon juice.


Poached in White Wine (3 minutes)

Pour some wine into a pan, add 100g of butter, salt & pepper

Bring to simmer, add blend of herbs (chives, sage, oregano, mint) 

Roll bream fillet in flour and place in pan

After 1 minute turn fish over and cook for further two minutes

Throw in diced tomato. Remove fish.

It is now ready to serve with drizzle of pan contents over the top.

Parrot Fish

Scale and gut the parrot fish

Place the fish (whole) into a large pot of boiling water

Add a brick, some seasoning and some finely chopped shallots.

After 40 minutes, tip out the water, remove the fish and eat the brick!

Mutton Bird

Ask Irish how to cook it. Apparently tastes like a blend of Penguin and Dolphin

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