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Current Version of PEC Editor: Ver ( Aug/2015 )
Pdf/chm versions of the help file
Just "Save As..." then extract the zip to its own directory.
No installer is needed and no registry settings are used.
As such, just make a shortcut to the exe and run. Full help in the zip.
This version
Ability to work with Audiostars/LX600/850s pec formats
( GPS is blocked for LX600/850 due to a nasty bug)
Much improved PEC analysis incl FFT data
New functions to work with AltAz PEC in LX200GPS
Fixes error when GPS lumps return no data for Lat or Long
Much improved tour validation routines
There is a remote handbox built in, but
you will need to read the help to find out how to enable it
I have tested it as best i can, but there may be things i havent hit yet
( esp in the ETX-LS )
If you find something, let me know.

This is my cheap Video app to go with above Editor:
It can be used to do all sorts of stuff, but mainly for video training
It supports the LPI but not the DSI.
It works with most webcams and direct video feeds ( hardware dependent )
It requires DirectX8.1 or better to work well, but may run on less

Just "Save As..." then extract the zip to the same directory as Myscope.exe.
Make a shortcut to it and run by itself ... or
call it up from within the menu option in MyScope.exe.
Full help in the MyScope.hlp.

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