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Most online Brokers provide a non-advisory, straight through broking service at discounted prices. This means that registered clients place BUY and SELL orders directly from their computers into the market without human intervention. Online orders are electronically filtered in an effort to prevent obvious mistakes or market manipulation.

The services offered by online brokers vary greatly as do their fees so investors should carefully consider their personal needs in choosing their broker. The website Infochoice near the bottom of this page may be used for comparing brokers but be sure to check that the information is current.

Andrew West  Our objective is to make it easy for our clients to invest with us. We offer competitive online brokerage rates, straight through processing, live quotes, depth, watchlists and portfolio tracking.

CommSec   Our aim at Commonwealth Securities Limited is to provide simple, accessible and affordable access to the investment markets for all Australians. We encourage long-term investment in quality and provide you with the tools and information you need to make your investment decisions. Our site has grown to become Australia's most visited financial Internet site. As a result, Commonwealth Securities is Australia's leading broker.

DataTech  We would like to introduce you to DATATECH Financial Services Pty Ltd, an exciting new venture established to provide quality service, information, and share dealing expertise for Internet share investors. DataTech’s highest priorities are to help the investor make effective use of the Internet, whilst protecting a portfolio’s valuation by allowing clients to place stringent Stop Loss orders to limit downside risk.

Directshares (St George Bank)  Directshares, from Dragondirect is a non-advisory trading service with all trading and execution conducted by HSBC Stockbroking (Australia) Pty Limited.

E*Trade  E*TRADE Australia gives Australian and New Zealand investors an unprecedented combination of tools and information as well as the ability to place buy and sell orders via the Internet. Use Australia's first fully automated stockbroker to trade shares, directly, access market info and manage your portfolio.

Macquarie DirecTrade Macquarie DirecTrade gives you all the convenience and affordability of trading online - with the option to speak to a Macquarie adviser or access research when you want to know more

National Online Trading  Trade ASX listed shares and warrants, fund your share trading activity from a National account and access extensive independent company research and market information.

Sanford Securities   We give you the power to take control of your own investments and furnish you with the latest and most powerful trading tools so that you can trade and invest using the best information in the market today

Westpac Broking  At Westpac Broking we make trading easy and affordable. You don't pay any account keeping or subscription fees and no money is required up front in order to open an account with us..

Infochoice  Use the Broker Selector to find the online broker that best suits your needs. 

Email   Please feel free to make comments, suggest adding sites of interest or to report broken links.