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The financial data of greatest interest to stock marker investors and traders is the perceived, market value and the intrinsic or fundamental value of stocks, both currently and from the past. The supposition being that careful analysis of this information, perhaps with the aid of a computer will give some guidance to each stock's potential value. In practice however, every market transaction brings together two such analysts, one who determines the stock is currently under-valued and buys from the other who considers it is already fully or over-valued. Who ultimately made the best value analysis will only be known at some time in the future.

Current market "price data" including each stock's last traded price plus the day's price range and volume is quoted dynamically during trading times and as "end of day" when the market has closed. Whereas "fundamental data" includes values taken from each stock's obligatory financial reports. Many of these values are combined with current price data to produce a profusion of ratio values designed to provide a basis for comparative analysis. Both types of data are available from specialist data vendors at various costs or free from a number of brokers. Some data sources are listed below.

Almax Accurate and adjusted data is the edge you need to maximise your Investment returns.  Almax pioneered an automated system to adjust your data for share splits, name changes etc.  Almax data is one of the best investments you can make in any market.

Aspect-Huntley  The Aspect Equity Review is the most powerful guide to Australian and New Zealand listed shares. The product provides in-depth information and research, together with tools to help individual investors analyse shares and manage a successful share portfolio.

Dial & Chart  In 8 years, Dial & Chart has grown from supplying data to a handful of clients to providing a vast range of products and services. Dial & Chart is continually streamlining its operations and levels of support.

Justdata  We have specialised in the supply and manipulation of Stock Market information since 1989. Our products cater for both the home and professional trader.

Market Cast  MarketCast is different from any other data service on the market. MarketCast streams via broadband connection, data straight onto your computer, trade by trade, instant by instant for every Stock, Futures trade, Option, Warrant or News item. This information comes to you via the SBS television signal, not via a telephone line.

Norgate Investor Services  Supplies stock, futures and forex end-of-day data for markets around the world, with extensive historical data.

Paritech  Supplying data for local and global markets. Data is provided both on a historical and end of day basis for use in programs such as MetaStock, OmniTrader, HotTrader, Stex and many other popular charting and portfolio management programs.

WebLink  At WebLink, we understand that everyone has their own trading strategy requiring different data to supplement that strategy. This link gives a summary of the various package deals that we provide to try and best suit your trading needs.

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