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Project Consolidation
Post Implementation Review
Manoeuvre perform a thorough review of the results delivered by your project, providing a formal report to the Steering Committee.
This review frequently forms part of the project sign-off activities and the report formally summarises the results of the project, highlighting any remaining issues or risks and proposing a series of actions for the Project Management Team.
In addition to this post implementation review, we can also define and conduct detailed independent surveys of the user community providing data on the levels of satisfaction within the user community.
Transition to Support
After 'go live', there is usually an unavoidable need to focus on stabilisation of the delivered system. However, if no plan is in place to handover the system to a support organisation, this stabilisation period can last longer than intended.
To address this problem, we help you to define a plan to achieve the necessary transition to support, also defining the organisational structures, tools and resources that will be required on an ongoing basis.
Benefit Delivery
Many projects fail to meet their original goals because the benefits are not actively managed to the point of delivery. We can help you to establish a formal framework that will help you to deliver all available benefits. This will ensure clear definition and ownership of the benefits and provide you with measurement tools to track the benefit delivery after the project has finished.
Continuous Improvement Programme
After the initial implementation project has been successfully completed, we would highly recommend that you establish a continuous improvement programme to maintain and further enhance the value of your investment. We can help you to define a framework to achieve this, ensuring that  improvement projects are prioritised in line with the overall strategies of the organisation.

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