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Project Execution

Project Office Set-up
We help to establish a framework of project management tools, procedures and measures that will help to ensure the eventual success of the project. We provide you with a clear picture of the administration and infrastructure requirements of a successful project.
Project Management
If required, we can also provide project management resources on a full or part-time basis. These experienced resources will work with your project management team and your consulting partners in the overall interest of the project and organisation.
Benefit Management
We provide a comprehensive framework for the management of your project benefits. At regular points in the project, we can help you to re-assess your business case to ensure that the project is still on track to deliver what was promised.
Risk Management
We can define and operate a thorough risk management framework for your project. This will help the project to manage risks proactively, taking action before they adversely affect the project.
Quality Assurance
We can define and enforce a quality assurance framework for the project. This action is ultimately aimed at ensuring that the project stays on track and that the results delivered meet the expectations of the Steering Committee. At regular intervals during the project, we perform independent reviews of the project providing the Project Management Team and Steering Committee with complete visibility of project risks and issues.
Team Facilitation
If the project team encounters problems during the project, Manoeuvre can act as an independent facilitator to help resolve the issues.
Change Management
Manoeuvre can help develop a Change Management strategy for your project. This will cover the essential communication framework, but will also ensure that aspects such as role definition and training are adequately addressed.
Executive Mentoring
Throughout the project, Manoeuvre act as independent mentors for the Project Management Team and Steering Committee offering impartial feedback and advice on the project..
Project Rescue
In extreme circumstances, Manoeuvre can help to resurrect projects that have run into problems. We act as temporary members of the Project Management team helping to get things back on track as quickly as possible.

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