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Project Preparation

The decisions made early in a project and your general level of preparedness will heavily influence the overall success of your business project.

By helping you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges ahead, we help you to make more efficient use of your resources, define outcomes that are realistic and consequently realise a higher return on your investment.

In all aspects of this role, we operate from a position of true independence, representing your interests at all times.


System Selection
By applying a structured approach and evaluation criteria, Manoeuvre can help you to select the right system for your organisation. Our impartial advice and approach allow you to make an informed choice backed up by solid evidence.
Implementation Approach
By applying years of implementation experience, Manoeuvre will help you define the ideal implementation approach for your organisation. Amongst other things, the choice of implementation approach must take into account the time, cost & resourcing restrictions and your organisation's ability to absorb change..
Business Case Definition
We regard the business case document to be a key project management tool. It should not only be used to gain acceptance for the project capital expenditure, but should also enable you to manage the impact of scope changes on your project costs and benefits. We can help you define a thorough business case document that will ultimately help to deliver the benefits expected at the outset of the project. In addition, we will help to establish a comprehensive benefit delivery framework for your project.
Consultant Selection
Over the last 10 years we have worked with or for most of the key consulting organisations. We can help you to interpret their representations, allowing you to gain a fuller understanding of each consulting organisation's solutions, tools and people.
Contract Negotiation
Once the consulting partner is selected, we can help you to define the right partnering strategy and contractual arrangement utilising our 'inside' knowledge of the consulting industry.
Team Induction Training
We can provide your sponsors and project team with tailored training before they begin their roles on the project. This training will ensure that they fully understand their roles, and the particular challenges that they and the project will face.
Executive Mentoring
In addition to the structured areas listed above, we also act as mentors to your Project Management Team and Steering Committee, ensuring that all aspects of the project are defined so that they maximise the chances of project success.

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