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Stockinbingal Goods Shed 28th Dec 1985
Stockinbingal goods shed, southern aspect, 28th December 1985

36ft x 16ft "G2" style 
Goods Shed



Recording prepared by:

James McInerney


This timber and corrugated iron goods shed was constructed at Stockinbingal with the opening of the station on 1st Sept 1893 and was used mainly for the receival, storage and local distribution of small to medium sized items that could be relatively easily moved and manipulated by manpower.  It was also used for acceptance, storage and despatch of local items of small goods, but incoming manufactured products was the main traffic.  This usage continued more or less unchanged till closure of the facility sometime in the 1974-1983 period.  It then became derelict till demolition sometime in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

Architecturally, despite being constructed before the design of what latter became known as the "G" series of gable roofed goods sheds in the early 1900s, it conforms in most details with design designated G2 with one notable exception.  Whereas the G2 design featured the roof extended past the sides to form a covered awning over the loading platforms on either side of the building, the goods shed at Stockinbingal had no such extension, the roof finishing flush with the sides of the building.

A number of similar goods sheds were constructed at other locations within the state during this period, including the goods shed that formerly stood at Koorawatha on the Blaney/Demondrille cross country line.

A copy of a construction drawing of the building was obtained from the State Rail Archives sometime during the 1980s and extracts are reproduced below.

Photographs of the building were obtained as part of a photographic survey carried out of surviving infrastructure at Stockinbingal on 28th December 1985.  Copies of drawings were obtained from the then State Rail Archives at an unknown date in the 1980s.  Survey was prepared as a result of an enquiry regarding the goods shed at Koorawatha, which, unfortunately, I have very little information on, except that it was substantially similar to this building.

Stockinbingal is located on the cross country line from Cootamundra to Temora in the south west of NSW.

Map of NSW showing location of Stockinbingal
 The cross country line to Parkes branches off at the western end of the yard.

Signal diagram of Stockinbingal 28th Dec 1985
The goods shed was located on the northern side of the Goods siding, at the eastern end between the wheat silo and the loading bank.

Overall view of Yd looking east
Overall view of Stockinbingal yard looking east showing relationship of goods shed to station.  
18th October 1987

Low level shot looking east of yd
Another view of the yard, looking east.  28th December 1985

Detail photo of shed
Shed from rail side, looking north west.  The short strip of timber half way between the door and the near corner once provided storage for fire buckets.  Concrete foundation below end windows was only remaining trace of rain water tanks.  28th December 1985

Shed from road side
Shed from road side, looking south east.  Lack of maintenance is readily apparent from missing planking on goods platform and collapse of office extension.  28th December 1985

Small drawings are to 3.5mm = 1ft (1:87 HO gauge)
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
 Drawing 3
Large detail drawings are to 7mm = 1ft (1:43 O gauge)

The drawing is dimensioned in Imperial measurements (Feet and Inches), rather than today's metrics as the structure was constructed in the Imperial (measurement) era and the original drawing was dimensioned as such.  

The information above is provided for the use and information of fellow modellers and enthusiasts
and may be reproduced for private use.  For permission for Commercial reproduction and use on
other web sites please contact the Copyright holder:

James McInerney

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