Maria Perri was born on the 18th October 1916 in Casenove ,Decollatura Italy.
Her parents were Giuseppe Perri and Concetta Cerra ,They had four children,
three girls and one boy.

The earliest photograph I have of my mother aged approximately thirty five. It is from her passport. My maternal grandmother Concetta Cerra. She had five children, whom she had to bring up on her own as her husband died very young. She had a hard life but never complained. I adored her. Angelina, Rosina.a friend and Giusepina Perri.

My mothers sisters.




These are my mothers nephews, from the left, Giuseppe, Antonio and Modesto.

This photograph was taken in 1976.

Zio Pasquale, My mother's brother and the father of Giuseppe, Antonio, Modesto and Ida who are photographed on this page. This is my cousin Ida, my mothers niece who now lives in Milan with her husband and four gorgeous children.

This was taken in 1976.

My cousin Giuseppe Perri and his wife Maria. She is the most wonderful cook,and what he can do with lamb on the BBQ has to be seen to be believed.

My cousin Concetta Perri and her husband Carlo,a lovely couple.Concetta has her own hairdressing salon in the town of Decollatura.

On the left is Concetta's older daughter Fabiola and on the right is her other daughter Laura.












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