Teen Time, Bandstand
Dig Richards

Johnny O'Keefe
& The Dee Jays, Sing, Sing, Sing
Col Joye & The Joy Boys
The Delltones, Sydney Stadium, Saigon.........
some of the names to be found in BEHIND THE ROCK, the refreshingly frank reminiscences of Australian rock musicians, guitarist Jon Hayton and Drummer Leon Isackson.

Based on personal diaries, BEHIND THE ROCK is a humorous and honest account of life on the Australian rock 'n' roll scene from it's birth in 1956 to the mid-sixties.

With the changing fortunes of their band, the R'Jays, the authors take us behind-the-scenes of Festival Records, "live" television, stadium concerts and dances, band tours in Australia, New Zealand and war-torn Vietnam and the world of adolescent sex, fans and "band vultures", bungling managers and hard-living and heart-broken rock stars. A no-holds-barred, eyewitness story, BEHIND THE ROCK is a vital document for understanding the history of "OZ Rock".

First published by Time Life/Select Books 1990.

Dedicated to Digby George Richards, 1940-1983

BEYOND THE ROCK (The continuing story 1966-1980)

Has been published by Australian Music Museum Magazine (Moonlight Publishing).

It is in serial format with a chapter available each issue. (current issue #36)

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For the first time we are offering the book to read, UNABRIDGED and UNCENSORED. Book is subject to Copyright Jon Hayton & Leon Isackson

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