Couture Millinery is about designing, hand- blocking and hand finishing hats / headwear using the finest materials and trims.

Bespoke or custom- made is couture millinery made to the client’s specifications
This comes in two forms:-
1. Inspired from one of my designs in my collections, a different version is made and individualised to suit the client’s look
2. Created completely to suit the client’s look and to match the client’s outfit

custom photo custom photo custom photo custom photo

Made to match client’s dress colours

Made to match client’s outfit

Made with the fabric from client’s outfit

Made from collection in colours to match client’s outfit

As I custom design and work to order for your special adornments it is always wise to allow yourself time in planning,
creating and fittings as well as collection.

Pricing depends on material cost plus time taken to source materials and create.
Often it is easier to have a hat custom -made than to find one already made.
Please contact me about these options as well as my twice yearly collections by telephone or email