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Horror panel at Conflux

Leigh will guest with various other horror writers and editors on a panel at Conflux, the Australian National Science Fiction Convention in Canberra during April, 2004.

30-10-03 Source: In-house

JJJ interview re: Aleister Crowley

Leigh will record a segment for JJJ radio on the life and work of poet, athlete and magician Aleister Crowley. The segment will be recorded with journalist Rachel Kerr of JJJ Melbourne, via linkup to the ABC Sydney Studios, on Thurs 30 Oct, 2003.

Leigh will guest with James Cain, Stephanie Smith, Cat Sparks and Bill Congreve on a panel chaired by Van Ikin, “Speculative fiction publishing: the gatekeepers” at the Magic Casements Festival of Speculative Fiction. Scheduled for 11-45-1pm on Sat 13 Sept, at NSW Writers Centre, Rozelle, Sydney.

29-07-03 Source: NSW Writers Centre


Last 30-08-03

Superstore news
Leigh has been appointed the Buyer for the entire Collins Superstore at Broadway in Sydney. The new position commcnces as of the end of September 2003.

30-09-03 Source: In-house

Encyc of Supernatural Fiction
Leigh’s entries on Terry Dowling, Rob Hood and Rick Kennett have been completed and sent to ST Joshi for the forthcoming Greenwood Press publication Encyclopedia of Supernatural Fiction.

30-09-03 Source: In-house

New Interviews coming
Leigh has just completed an extensive interview with author Rick Kennett. He is also scheduled to conduct an interview with author Terry Dowling. Both interviews will be up soon at www.tabula_rasa.info/AusHorror

30-08-03 Source: In-house

More on Don Boyd
Following near-completion of editorial work on a collection of the late Don Boyd’s short stories, an exciting discovery has been made of three novel typescripts left by Boyd. Two are sf, and one is a Lovecraftian novel, THE LURKERS IN THE ABYSS. Leigh and his Boyd co-editors are currently pursuing American interest in publishing LURKERS as well as the short story collection.

15-08-03 Source: In-house

Encyclopedia of Supernatural Fiction
Leigh has been invited by US scholar ST Joshi to contribute several entries on Australian

writers to this new multivolume encyclopedia which Joshi and fellow scholar Stefan Dziemanowicz are preparing for Greenwood Press in the US.

20-07-03 Source: In-house

New email address

Leigh can now be contacted at: luxnox@leighblackmore.com. His website at www.leighblackmore.com is currently under Construction.

18-07-03 Source: In-house

“Uncharted” reviews

Leigh’s story “Uncharted” (featured in Agog! Terrific Tales. Agog Press, 2003) has received favourable mention in the following review:

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (details?)

The story has also been cited as “impressive work” in a review published in The Australian newspaper.

17-07-03 Source: In-house

“Uncharted” reading

Leigh read portions of his recently published story “Uncharted” at the second day of the Sydney Freecon, held at the Australian Museum in College St, Sydney. The occasion marked his first public reading of his own fiction.

30-06-03 Source: In-house

A Celebration of Australian Science Fiction

Leigh organised this well-attended event at Collins Superstore Broadway, which was held on June 15. Guest authors and editors included Terry Dowling, Bill Congreve (Mirrordanse Books) Rob Hood and Cat Sparks (Agog! Press) and Stephanie Smith (Harper Collins). Leigh moderated a discussion panel on recent trends in Australian SF publishing, and the evening also include the launch of Dowling’s RYNOSSEROS (new edition) and of the Mirrordanse collection THE WONDER YEARS (edited by Peter MacNamara)

20-06-03 Source: In-house

Finalist in Broadway Shopping Complex Awards

Leigh was a finalist in the annual Broadway Shopping Complex Awards for his work for Collins Superstore

16-05-03 Source: In-house

Jack Dann interviewed
Leigh’s recent interview with Jack Dann re: Dann’s current anthology GATHERING THE BONES (edited with Ramsey Campbell and Dennis Etchison) is up at the Tabula Rasa website at www.tabula_rasa.info/AusHorror

18-3-03 Source: In-house

The Eternal Yes
Leigh is collaborating with Prof Van Ikin (co-author of STRANGE CONSTELLATIONS: A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE FICTION) on a critical monograph on the work of writer Terry Dowling, to be completed sometime in 2004.

1-3-03 Source: In-house

Boyd’s Best
Leigh is co-editing, with Danny Lovecraft and Rod Marsden (publisher of Masque Noir magazine) a collection of tales by the late Don Boyd. Boyd was a well-known Sydney writer whose death from cancer in 1999 left many of his tales uncollected.

1-3-03 Source: In-house

Professional Bookselling Award
Leigh was awarded Broadway Shopping Complex’s Best Salesman of the Month for Feb 2003 for his work at Collins Superstore and will go in the running for the annual awards to be presented in May. (Click here for pics)

1-3-03 Source: In-house.

“Nadurnian” reviews
Leigh’s story “Dr Nadurnian’s Golem” (featured in Agog! Fantastic Fiction, Agog Press 2002) has received favourable mentions in the following reviews:

Lisa DuMond, at www.sfsite.com (Jan 11, 2003)

Terry Dowling. “All Agog at Imaginings” (Weekend Australian, 25/26/1/03)

28-1-03 Source: In-house.

Cthulhu strikes again
Leigh is interviewed (with Danny Lovecraft) by Rod Marsden on the subject of H.P. Lovecraft in “Cthulhu’s Australia” in Marsden’s Masque Noir magazine No. 7 (Jan 2003).

28-1-03 Source: In-house

Leigh’s latest story “Uncharted” has been accepted for the Agog! Terrific Tales anthology, due for publication in April of 2003. The book will be launched at Swancon in Perth.

26-12-02 Source: Agog Press

Graphic story republished – in full!

Leigh’s story collaboration with Chris Sequeira “The Gargoyle Club Gambit” has appeared in its full version in Sequence Productions comic Bold Action Special No. 1. The cover can be viewed at info@sequenceproductions.com.au. (An earlier publication of the story saw only the first half published, due to the suspension of the Sequence comic???) A review of this & other Sequence comics can be found at www.tabula-rasa.info/AusComics/SequenceReview.html

31-10-01 Source: In-house

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