Mathew's Website

These pages contain various stuff that I do or am interested in.


I have worked on various projects over the years. This site is a collection of useful stuff that I have done, which I am making available to others. In some cases, the code is a modified version of someone else's work. In other cases, the code is new work.

The projects are:


I am quite keen on windsurfing - I got out on the water whenever the conditions are good enoungh. Lately I have purchased some decent formula gear, and I am quite keen on speedsurfing.

I used to have a plastic fantastic (Bombora X-it) which managed to do 32 knots (GPS peak)... Now you can find some of my speeds at

My favorite spot would have to be Sandy Point. This places generates super-flat water even when the wind is blowing 40+ knots...

Sometimes I take a few pics or movies. You can see them here.