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  • Ensure proper tracking—We use a third party tracking system named Clickbank, which ensures that you get credit for every sale referred through your links. Because our affiliate program runs through a third-party, you can always be assured you are getting paid for every sale you refer and you will always be assured you are paid on time, every time.
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Affiliate Rewards

Top affiliates receive monthly prizes and rewards for high sales.

In just a few short minutes, you'll be on your way to making quick cash!

To enroll, please follow the 3 easy steps below:

Step 1:  Get a affiliate username and account.
The only thing you need is a Clickbank ID ("nickname"). If you do not have an ID, click here to get one free. After you have obtained your Clickbank ID come back to this page and complete step 2.

Step 2:  Get your affiliate link to refer sales.

After you get your clickbank account and know your clickbank username, simply click on the link below to get your hoplink to advertise.

Click here to get your link

After you click the link above just enter your clickbank user id into the box and click submit.

After you click submit you will see your link at the top, with this link you get credit for the sales you send to us.

(For example, your referral link will be and replace the xxxxx with your clickbank id)

The HTML code you will see below is optional if you have a website.


Step 3: Promote your link to refer sales and make tons of $$$ MONEY!

Below you will find many ways to promote your link.

1. Start making money within 15 minutes with Google - Pay per click advertising is among the fast way in this industry to make some fast easy cash. We give you our tested key-words that convert, Time and time again.

2. Email Marketing - One of the most popular ways for affiliates to promote the site and make sales.  Our site is run on a dedicated bulk friendly server so it is ok to send opt in emails.

3. News-paper Advertising - Continually advertising in news-papers week after week will build you a easy stream of cash flow. This is a must do if you want to become wealthy in this business.      

4. Text links - If you have a web-site placing a simple test link on your web-site can earn you thousands and thousands of dollars.

5. Pop under - super way to promote your link and refer sales, if you have a site.

6. Site Rotators - Free to join and you don't need a website. Simply join and add your     referral link to the rotator and the page will be shown to thousands of web surfers.


GOOGLE - Start making money within 15 minutes!

Go to: Click-Here for $50 FREE Credit! Note: This is not our affiliate link it's from a yahoo search. We tested it and we instantly received a $50 credit.

Google advertisement: (You should make small edits to this ad as others are using this also.)


Instantly increase your traffic
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Plus to the Top 66 Search Engines!

DESTINATION URL: Your referral link:

Below is key words that can be used for Gold Submitter. These key words have been tested edited and tried and our website is designed to work with these key words. These convert very well with the Gold Submitter.

For this campaign, set your default at Google at 0.50 (i.e. 50¢

IMPORTANT! Do NOT change or modify keywords with ** as these are deliberately set beyond your default CPC in order to optimize for FRONT PAGE placement.

gold submitter

seo ** 1.0
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ad blaster

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email marketing

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submit to top search engines

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increase traffic

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[affiliate program] ** 1.0
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2.5 million websites


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Here is the company info and email you need to send out as we where talking about on the site. They are the best in the industry. You should advertise with them once per week or whenever your ad runs out.


Go to:

Scroll down the page to "2,500 targeted e-mails($39)"
Click the link and complete payment. Really want to make some sales?
Pick the 5,000 email option for $70.

Send an email to:
with the following info, you just need to edit the URL and the proof of payment.


*Your clickbank affiliate link here*


Instantly increase your traffic and sales!


E-mail to your 1,500 NEWEST, MOST
subscribers (interests and geographic
location are to be disregarded); the other
1,000 subscribers will be scribers in your
database that you haven't sent this
advertisement to in the past month or more.


*Here you put some kind of proof that you paid,
Such as the receipt number in the email you received
after you paid E-mailpaysu.*

Want more?

You can also go to: and search for paid to read email company, most will let you advertise for just a few dollars.

RULES FOR BULK EMAILING: Emails must meet new law standards. All emails must have Opt out!
 Even a "reply here" email is an opt out. Please use one.


If possible, You should advertise in news papers once per week or whenever your ad runs out.

If your limited on funds, start with google ads and bulk emails as listed above. Then when you earn some cash you can start advertising in news papers also. The more you advertise, the more you will make.

News-Paper Advertising


Scroll down the list and pick a cheap news paper to advertise in. There prices are as low as under $20. Normally it would cost $100 or more to advertise in papers like these. The more papers you advertise in the more money you will make, It's that simple. Start with what you can. If you have the cash to advertise in a bunch of papers do it, It's worth the investment. But, If you are limited on funds advertise in one or two papers each week until your profits start coming in. Then within a few weeks, Start advertising in 3-4 papers and so on. As your stream of cash starts to come in keep building your advertising budget.

IMPORTANT: Continuously advertising in the SAME news papers week after week is what's going to make you truck loads of money. Don't just jump from paper to paper each week. Stay with any given news paper for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Below is the advertisement to use:

Get #1 Google Ranking Now!

Go to:

Replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username. Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it!

You can also come up with some ads of your own and test them. New ideas are always a good thing.

Advertise in "business opportunities" or "jobs" on any given news paper.


Here are some easy text links you can use. Just replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username!

The below link will read "Instantly increase your traffic and sales!"  when placed on your website. Remember to replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username.

<a href=>
Instantly increase your traffic and sales!</a>

This link will read " Instantly increase your traffic and sales!"; Remember to replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username

<a href=>
Instantly increase your traffic and sales!

If you simply want to email someone the link to refer a friend use the simple link:

and replace the xxxxx with your clickbank username

(Optional step, if you have a website.)

(These work great! Much better than banners alone!)

Your visitors will never know something has popped under
so they are not annoyed with your web site.

This is NOT a pop up ad that
with your web site being viewed.

You can add this simple JavaScript to the HTML on your homepage to install a Pop under window. Our web site automatically appears under yours full size .. no one even knows until they close your browsers window You will get 75% commission when someone buys! This way, you easily transform your site into an instant money machine.

Copy and paste this script and paste it between
the <HEAD></HEAD> tags on your Web page

**** REPLACE YOURIDHERE with your clickbank username *****

<script language="JavaScript">
var popunder=""
function loadpopunder(){


Here are some programs you can join for free:

AutoSurfPro: (1000 free credits/ page views when you join)

216 Hits: (25000 free credits/ page views when you join)


You now have all the tools to become a super affiliate in a very short time. So if you haven't already done so, Get started!

Remember "The promise" make it your first goal to make five sales, You may get your first five sales your first day or your first week. The point is once you hit that mark you know from seeing it that the program works. Then you will put all your effort in the system because you know it works.


Good luck and God bless.


Copyright (C) Yannick Maurer 2005

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