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Hi and welcome to the official web site of Max Merritt and the Meteors. Max has become a legend in Australasian music over the past four decades. But he isn't one to sit at home with a cup of tea! Over the last couple of years Max has been playing to ever increasing audiences, made up of both long-time fans and kids who are experiencing his music live for the first time. No matter if you are a long-time fan or newcomer to Max's brand of soulful rock, we're sure you'll get a kick out of seeing and hearing Max up on the web.


Since cheating death almost a decade ago, there have been two constants in the life of the mighty Max Merritt. One is the thrice weekly dialyse treatments and the other is the songwriting sessions. The result is that Max Merritt is still with us and there is now a mountain of tapes, scraps of paper, line books and manuscripts to prove it.

Turning the clock back to February 2007, Max flew to Australia from his earthquake ravaged home in Los Angeles to attend and sing "Slippin Away" at the memorial service of his 'brother in arms', Billy Thorpe. At the same time, Max admitted to feeling tired and off colour. By the time he returned home, he knew something was seriously wrong and set about seeking medical help. Max was subsequently diagnosed with the rare Goodpastures Syndrome that had attacked his kidneys and his lungs. After a few months, the bleeding in his lungs was totally under control however Max had been left without any kidney function.

Added to Max's health issues was the dire financial problems that resulted from his inability to work, a not to uncommon story within the entertainment industry. A fund-raising concert at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne assembled 25 headline performers, 50 musicians and 75 production crew and together, they raised enough money to ensure that Max would be well looked after.

On the surface of it all, Max appears to have taken the hand that he has been dealt all in his stride and resolutely boasts that the endless medical treatments 'beat the alternative'. However, the underlying truth is that Max desperately misses performing, recording, touring and camaraderie that comes from being on the road.

This desire has clearly been recognised by a circle of close industry friends in LA, led by former Mushroom Record Producer, James "Jimbo" Barton. They have encouraged Max to put his papers and tapes into order and set about recording a bunch of tracks while he's still strong enough to do so,

The preparation has been completed, the very best tracks have been chosen, the musicians are on hold and Max Merritt's voice is just as strong as ever however, to make the historic album happen, we need your involvement!



Fund Max's new album! You can choose how much you fund Max's album, starting at just $10.

Visit the crowd funding website to be part of creating Max's new album!


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