Dunit2 --- OpenCTF execution results

Integration work with Dunit2 is still in progress (23rd Feb 2008)
Executing Example Names project. Note. All tests are supposed to fail.

Result of executing Example project Names

XML report from project execution.

The screenshot below shows the results of combining most of the examples into one test suite, compiling and building under older dunit 9.3 and Dunit2.

Comparison of old and new dunits runing OpenCTF combined examples

Notes. Dunit 9.3 vs New Dunit2

View of errors while testing GUITestRunner form

Combining OpenCTF testing with regular unit test code is very simple. The screenshot below show one of the example projects wrapped into a unit test and executed in DUnit2's own unit test suite.

Image shows ease of adding OpenCTF tests to regular dunit tests

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