About me

I have always loved reading. I used to go home from boarding school and read for days on end, only emerging to swim and eat. I love words. I love how they sound, the work they do, the images they create.

It took me much longer to realise that I also loved writing. But I'm doing my best to make up for lost time. I write fiction, non-fiction and poetry for children


I was born in Victoria, Australia, lived in New South Wales and Queensland and was lucky enough to spend some time in Papua New Guinea. Where I live now is within cooee of the hospital where I was born.

I have worked at many jobs including waitressing, vote counting, mail sorting, podiatry, sheet ironing and towel folding. I have worked in hospitals and in community health. I now work part time in a bookshop where I get to unpack new books, and talk about books all day!

When I'm not writing, or talking about writing, I walk my dog, try to teach myself to quilt, sing in a choir, watch films and share a wonderful life with my family and friends.