Introduction:   Mapinfo2Google version 1.2.5
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Mapinfo2Google.MBX converts MapInfo map objects from one or more visible layers within a map window to a Google Earth KML file. 

When you run the program it will appear on the MapInfo menu bar on the right as Mapinfo2Google.

To try it out, open the MapInfo table in MultiObjectTest.Tab, then choose 'Convert map window to KML file...' and pick an output KML file name. The program will then convert every visible layer in the map window into the KML file you specified.

When finished, you can open the file in Google Earth using the File/Open menu. In Google Earth you can edit names and styles and re-arrange layers, or move them to My Places so they are permanently available. Use Save As to save the KML folder as a KMZ file which is a compressed (zipped) form of the KML.

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