The purpose of this page is to make available a copy of Microsoft Qbasic so that it can be used in conjunction with Qbasic programs I've stored on some of my Web pages.

The first step is to create a new folder using Windows Explorer.
Name it Qbasic (or something relevant).

qbas.exe is a self extracting zip file containing Microsoft Qbasic.exe and Qbasic.hlp.

Click the "qbas.exe" link.
Save the file in the Qbasic folder.
It's safe to save an executable file, so long as you don't run or open it.

To check that the file hasn't been tampered with:
From Windows Explorer, open the Qbasic folder. Right mouse click on the qbas.exe file. Click "Properties". The file size should be 310414 bytes. If still in doubt, run a virus check on the file as well.

Note that Windows 7 doesn't support anything from this point on. Vista doesn't support full screen mode, so programs that include graphics won't run. The contents of the Qbasic folder will need to be transferred to a computer running an earlier Windows version.

Using Windows Explorer, double click the qbas.exe file and the two files will be extracted into the Qbasic folder.

Check the file sizes. Qbasic.exe should be 194309 bytes, modified Tuesday, May 31, 1994. Qbasic.hlp, 130881 bytes, modified at the same time.

Loading and running a Qbasic program stored on the web.

Using the mouse, highlight the program displayed on the Internet Explorer screen. Click Edit_Copy.

Using Windows Explorer, double click the Qbasic.exe file. Alt-Enter shifts between window (required here) and full screen mode. Mouse click as indicated, then click Edit then Paste. The file will be loaded into Qbasic.

Alternatively, open Notepad.
Click Edit_Paste, and the program is loaded into Notepad.
Then, in "All Files", save it as (???).bas in the Qbasic folder.

From Windows Explorer; open the Qbasic folder, then double click the Qbasic.exe file or icon.

Within Qbasic, click "file-open" and the program file will appear. Run it according to instruction.

Copy-Pasting of the graphics screen is only possible using 95 and 98 versions of Windows (in window mode, click the icon in the upper left corner of the screen).

Note: If a shortcut appears in the Qbasic folder, remove it. Otherwise Qbasic may not open.