As the title implies, the universe has evolved from an origin of absolutely nothing. No matter or energy, no time or dimension, evolving from absolute non existence. Which is all far beyond our range of comprehension from the plane where we exist.

In order to create the very first signs of existence, there would need to have been some kind of distortion which disrupted the "state of non existence". Even though non existence is always infinitely removed from anything involving time and dimension, it became the focal point of everything that exists the instant it all began. The initial infinitesimally minute distortion was necessarily drawn into existence in exactly equal and opposite modes around a focal point of non existence and it should have recoiled back to non existence again. But for some reason the distortion has remained and has gone on to spawn a universe filled with others of the same nature.

The dual forces drawn from non existence are necessarily diametrically opposed. Every property of one must be the absolute opposite of the other. These will be the fundamental components of everything that exists in the universe and should be easily identified. Electrons and positrons are the obvious candidates to fill these roles.

Even though electrons and positrons are absolute opposites, they are both noted to be point sized from our plane of comprehension. One of them is not as it seems because the absolute opposite of a point is infinity. One of them is the origin of a positive dimension while the other is the origin of a negative dimension where everything is encompassed within the origin. It's logical to assume that the view through the window of non existence from one realm into the other won't be an extension of that realm.

From the viewpoint in either dimension, everything in the opposite dimension will be the reverse of what is observed. i.e. If the origin of the positive dimension is a point, so too is the origin of the negative dimension as seen from the positive dimension. If the origin of the negative dimension is infinity, so too is the origin of the positive dimension from the viewpoint in the negative dimension. They are drawn to each other through the window of non existence in the quest to combine with their counterpart on the other side and return from whence they came. But that attraction direction is false. The imbalance is maintained by this false attraction, forever. The only way back to non existence is for them to be infinitely separated.

Because the positive side of the disturbance in one pair is constantly advancing into the negative dimension in pursuit of its counterpart, while still remaining the origin of the past dimension that it's creating, it's leaving the past behind at the speed at which it's advancing, and nothing else will ever catch up with it because the same laws will also apply for everything else that exists as well. Everything will be drawing away from everything else at the same rate as the rate of advance into the negative dimension, which is the speed of light at the time. But the negative side of the disturbance is also drawing from non existence at the same rate into the positive dimension. The focal point of the relationship in the present is simultaneously carried in opposite directions. The positive and negative pasts are necessarily still retreating from that relationship at the rate of advance into the future but the focal point is now generally fixed relative to anything else that likewise exists.

The origin of the positive dimension is a point while the origin of the negative dimension is infinity, but only relative to the past dimension they each leave behind in their wakes as they advance into the dimensions of each other, toward the future. Specifying zero size or infinite size for the origins of dimension is illogical. The dimensions which extend from those points are designating them a zero and infinite size, but neither can exist in any kind of dimension. They are always the origin of their own dimension, in the present, with their properties being defined from the past.

From the viewpoint in the positive dimension the pasts in the two dimensions both expand outward as one combined dimension, while from the viewpoint in the negative dimension the pasts in the two dimensions both contract inward as one combined dimension.

Immediate consequences of the origin

The present is always an instantaneous event throughout the universe. The speed of light and passage of time will be set according to the prevailing circumstances for every fundamental component, but the present will always be the present everywhere.

This fact opens the door for some weird physics. The entire universe is necessarily continuously mapped as an instantaneous event because the focal point for the mapping is non existence, where time doesn't move. That map could also include the instantaneous position of all matter, as well as the instantaneous conseqeuences. e.g. If the sun was suddenly removed from existence, the earth would immediately take off along a tangent to its orbit even though the sun would appear to exist for another eight minutes.


Light is always in motion relative to matter, or matter is always in motion relative to light. Both statements may be true, but the latter is the reality. Light only exists as a static recording in the stationary past, until matter comes along and interacts with it. The question of how light propagates doesn't even arise.


A static recording of every electromagnetic interaction in the early universe was left behind with the stationary past. That recording continues to coincide with the moving present today, and it of course appears to be redshifted. But that's only because the current universe is blueshifted relative to then. There is no expansion in the zero origin universe, it has evolved from zero temperature to what it is today. What is interpreted as redshift is the actual temperature of everything in the universe at the time.


The zero origin universe has obviously evolved to what it is today and it will continue to evolve. The matter content is necessarily increasing. Evolution requires the constant input of new matter. The amount of hydrogen in the universe provides very good evidence of this.


The evolution direction is certain. Everything that exists is on a one way journey into an ever deepening turmoil, for eternity, and there is no way out. The zero origin universe truly is the universe from hell.

Life is hope, so long as there's not too much of it.